Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black Nazarene plot and cutting of telcos services--a test case for Martial law?

Malacanang has finally did it. It has finally morphed into something which it allegedly tried extremely hard not to.

How in the world did we succumb to this terrorist yarn, hook line and sinker without an Executive Order being signed by the President? 

So now, do we sacrifice our individual rights over a pronouncement of an alleged security threat?

Last Monday's incident was probably a test case. Yep, it's simply that. 

President Aquino, with his full Cabinet behind him, disclosed of a plot to terrorize the Black Nazarene procession. He says certain individuals from Mindanao have already arrived in Metro Manila. These individuals intend to bomb or disrupt the procession. They have been planning since 2007 and reports indicate that the plan points to this procession as the "event".

After Aquino, Defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin joined the tralala along with PNP chief Nick Bart. 

Then what?

The government ordered all telcos to cut their telephone services to that area of Manila. Millions of pesos of lost revenues from businesses there. Millions of lives were disrupted. 

Then what?

A day later, Aquino thanks the telcos and the people for fully cooperating with government. Then the issue was never discussed.

So, now, where will the affected businesses go to for civil remedy? They lost considerable income when government ordered this cutting of telco's services.

Yes, it is legal for telcos to cut their services in times of national emergency or even an incident but based on law, the threat should be real, not imagined.

So, now, the President right now has the right to disrupt any economic, social or political activity just by a press conference?

So, now, the President has the right to stop any activity in any area of Metro Manila or any place in this archipelago just by saying that there is a terrorist threat there, even when the report is still raw and still being investigated?

Ask me how many individuals were arrested? None.

The info given by the President was, in intelligence parlance, specific information. The PNP chief even said that at least "six to nine people" are involved. Meaning, these individuals are now being directly monitored. Why were there no arrests made under the Anti-Terror law?

Because there is no one to arrest! Because there is no plot at all!

In a democracy, even before any declaration of a state of national emergency or a state of terror, this should be real, and not based on someone's allegations. 

Last Monday, the Filipino people's rights have been violated all because of an imagined threat which never really existed.

Where will the People go to for remedy? To the Supreme Court? No one even questioned if the threat was real or not. We just put our faith to this government that there was a threat. Where was the report? Any report given to show the specific details of the threat, if there was any? 

In a democracy,bago ipagkatiwala ang mga karapatan lalo na sa pamamahayag at sa komunikasyon, dapat may sapat na basehan at ang banta sa sekyuridad ay naririyan at hindi presumption.

Last Monday, Malacanang just had an exercise on how to implement martial rule.