Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why not Justice Carpio too?

So spin doctors are now hard at work, trying to create a scenario which points to a "Leftist" conspiracy to oust impeached Atty. Renato Corona as Chief Justice through a "people power".

A certain blogger named "Mullato" began murking up the issue by writing of a fantasy meeting between Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and Bayan Muna representative Teddy Casino. The meeting reportedly happened inside an 800 square meter condominium owned by Carpio at the Avignon. Carpio reportedly met Casino to plot out a demonstration in case the Senate disposes of the impeachment complaint against Corona.

Carpio, if you still don't know, is the alleged Palace bet to succeed Corona. Carpio is one of the founding members of the "Firm"--Villaraza etal law firm-- which once worked together with ex-President Gloria Arroyo in controlling government.

The Villaraza law firm and the former president had a falling out when one of the firm's members, Atty. Cruz, which was then defense secretary, fell from Arroyo's grace. Since then, the "Firm" had reportedly conspired with other ex-Arroyo Cabinet members (meaning "the Hyatt 1o") in murking up the administration of Arroyo.

The camp of Corona said that in the interest of fairness, the Aquino administration must also check Carpio's SALN. Fair enough.

Let's start with the allegation that Carpio owns a "800 square meter" condominium property. If you check with the Condominium Association of the Philippines, there is no way a single individual can own an 800 square meter unit.

Why? There is no such animal in the condominium industry. At best, you could probably acquire a 300 square meter condo which is about three or four individual units united in one row.

For an 800 square meter unit to be feasible, you need to have a building which is 400 square meter in width and length, something which any condo developer would not dare sell to just one individual. 

Anyway, the call for Malacanang to scrutinize Carpio's assets too is, at best, a squid tactic meant to divert attention from that of Corona's. Yet, in all honesty, it is also a fair call.

Why target Corona when Carpio and all the rest of the Justices probably did the same thing or probably had illegally acquired wealth too?

Carpio's assets should also be put under intense scrutiny. 

That's fair.

However, this yarn spun by Mulatto about a "Leftist" plot to oust Corona through people power is a desperate attempt to appeal to anti-Communist elements within the military, that this Corona impeachment is a Leftist backed conspiracy. This is farthest from the truth.