Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Buddha Bar experience in Manila

BUddha Bar in Makati
I always want to dine with my family and friends. That's the secret to my younger looking skin (Vilma Santos). And I always fine some special place out there to treat them.:-)

Really, Manila is a fun place to go to when in Asia. You have lots and lots of places to go to to dine, eat and just banter with friends. There's a cornucopia of things to do, see, and experience. 

If you want a nice place to chill out, I guess the new talk of the town right now is simply Buddha Bar.

Buddha bar signature dessert--sesame ice cream
Yep, this French restaurant is now here in Manila, thanks to the sweet and young entrepreneur Amable C. Aguiluz. Aguiluz partnered with the owners of Buddha Bar and they built a lovely, cozy restaurant right in the heart of busy financial district of Makati.

Opps...Buddha Bar is not just a restaurant...its a lounge place, where you're expected to chill out, eat the most delectable fusion dishes out there and just take the pleasure of sharing and talking almost anything with your friend, family and whoever you desire.

Be with the right crowd when you dine
Cut the impeachment trial crap! Don't worry about rising fuel prices. Be still, don't worry about your baby twin's crying. For a moment, indulge in the Buddha bar experience.

Really now, I cannot describe to you what I really felt when I was there a couple of days ago. It was lovely. It was surreal. It was cosy. It was delicious. It was entertaining. It was informative. It was true fun.

Buddha bar serves lunch so if you want a high powered lunch with high powered people, you know where to go.

IMpressive interiors
Buddha Bar is located at the former IS grounds. It's at PICAR, along Kalayaan avenue. It's a one way street so you better sharpen your sights because Buddha Bar is just on your left going to Makati avenue. If you're in Makati avenue, its just a few steps away. Best if you go there with your own car. There's ample parking.

For foodies, I suggest you try their signature sesame ice cream, so lovely. 

Their Buddha bar branded dishes are really some of the best tastes around.  The cuisines are Asian-inspired, although most are fusions of delectable Western delights and Asian spices.