Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stronger Elite Dictatorship in the works?

Alan Paguia, former counsel of deposed president Joseph Estrada and Atty. Homobono Adaza have allied and filed a case appealing for a TRO against the impeachment trial. Both lawyers say, that impeachment trial is unconstitutional.

These two had brushes with the Supreme Court before, especially Paguia who once courted the Court's ire. Curiously, they are now the ones "defending" the Supreme Court. Trying to court favors with the Court? I doubt it. I know the calibre of these two colorful characters. Adaza is a good friend, and former counsel of the Young Officers' Union (YOU). He is an idealistic guy. Maybe he's doing it because he really wants changes in government. 

S4S (Solidarity for Sovereignty) is a highly credible organisation of idealists. They really want changes. However, I don't know why they tried to ally themselves with this impeachment issue. It is very hard even tactically to defend someone whom the people perceive even now, as corrupt. If S4S thinks that this is an explosive issue that is sure to hit President Aquino directly, then, their reading is faulty, to say the least.

The issue is the creeping dictatorship of the elites, led by the Aquino faction. The issue is the attempts at using the very Constitution to institute an elite dictatorship. And the real issue is not Hacienda Luisita or any other cases where certain personalities close to the Chief Executive  have interests on. No.

The issue is---the repeal of the Military pacts between the UNited States and the Philippines. The issue is the amendments to the VFA between these two countries which, certain quarters suspect, contain provisions that violate the 1987 Constitution. And since any constitutional amendments or revision are out of the available options, changes are to be coursed through the Supreme Court.

This early, we are feeling the effects of a strong elite-based dictatorship in the way this administration acts and feels about certain issues. ON Economic issues, for example, the prevailing policy is globalization and a free for all economy. This is to benefit Big BUsiness interests especially with those close to the President.

On the political side, strengthening of the main political aggrupation of close Aquino associates to further their hold on to power even after 2016. 

Many people ask me--where will all these lead to?

If the impeachment trial goes by the distance, expect an acquittal. The acquittal will further damage the relationship between the executive and the judiciary because, as what I wrote several entries before, for as long as Corona stays as Chief Justice, decisions issued by the Supreme Court will be scrutinized and will be under a cloud of doubt. 

If the impeachment trial is cut short--and many people expect this to happen--then it would lead to political chaos, which could be exploited by unfriendly forces.