Friday, January 6, 2012

Firestarters and game-changers in 2012

Alex Lacson, who just celebrated his birthday yesterday, continues to inspire our people through his works at the Kabayanihan Foundation. From his monumental work, 12 Little Things Every Filipino Should do to help our country, that smash hit propelled  other versions of this little book. Lacson has published several other inspiring books for the Overseas Filipino Workers and for little kids. You might want to check these out at the National Bookstore.

Jay Jaboneta, this creative firestarter, continues to work hard for his foundation, the Philippine Fund for Little Kids, a non-governmental organisation that helps kids go to school. I just heard that a European institution invited him to speak before them in France and talk about change. Congratulations!

Other firestarters I know of...

Josiah Go, an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur, is also a great firestarter. He helped Jay and continues to help others discover their passions.  He is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs.

Fred Mison, who now serves government as Associate Commissioner, is really making a big dent in cleansing the Bureau of Immigration of misfits and grafters. His honest-to-goodness campaign against erring and corrupt men inside the bureau, has boasted the morale of most BI employees who want nothing more than see their bureau as a graft-free one. There should be more like him serving government.

General Danilo Lim continues to fight grafters and big time smugglers inside the Bureau of Customs. His crusade for good governance inspires others.

Susan "Toots" Ople flew to Dubai to help several distressed Filipinos. This small dynamo in the OFW NGO sector continues to keep the hallowed name of her father sanctified. Inspite of her poverty, Toots remains very rich in terms of friends and supporters. She spends her own money for others to be able to regain their shattered lives.

How about game-changers? Who will be the game changers this year, 2012?

BBDO Guerrero and Fleishman-Hillard are two outstanding agencies that are sure to change the advertising and PR landscape not just here in the Philippines but abroad. Fleishman-Hillard remains as 2011's Agency of the Year (Holmes Report). Right now, many companies are relying on Fleishman-Hillard to help them promote their products. 2012 will see Fleishman-Hillard attaining greater heights!

How about you? Are you a firestarter or a game changer?