Friday, January 6, 2012

Pinoy Gamechangers in 2011

Who are the outstanding Filipinos who changed the game, so to speak, last 2011? I listed ten names who really changed the game for the country last year.

Justice secretary Leila de Lima. She's controversial. She's a headline hugger. She's probably the only Cabinet member who is seen every single day in television. Aside from her public side, de Lima inspired many by exhibiting tremendous political will. That, inspite of the big names she battled last year, de Lima has the gumption of even taking down a notorious general now on the lam. De Lima is political will personified.

Philippine president Benigno S. Aquino. Yes, he's a game changer. After being accused of flip-flopping, footsy footing, feet dragging, the last half of last year saw Pnoy pushing the envelope against former members of the previous administration who are involved in several graft cases. He mobilised agencies of government to push cases against the Arroyos, and look where his former professor is in right now? It would have been nice though if Pnoy  did this against erring oil companies responsible for unjust pump price hikes or companies like telcos who continue to harass the Filipino consumer or to Meralco and Manila Water for jacking up their prices. It would have been nice also if Pnoy put his feet down against illegal smugglers, drug lords and jueteng lords. As things stand, Pnoy can only harass a little lady.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Elena Horn. Yep , both are game changers because their actions and pronouncements ("alibis") are classic psywar statements. What happened to Gloria is a case of PR gone terribly wrong. Communications students may well study this case and place them in the "not to do" list. GMA's inner circle are doing her a great disservice by acting as her spokesperson. Their lies have been exposed and these impact on her greatly. 

PINOY VOLUNTEERS AT CAGAYAN DE ORO AND ILIGAN. These brave Filipinos have really changed the game. No more procrastination. No more waiting at the sidelines. Be brave. Be responsible. Take extra heart for others. Their actions show that the less government involvement in relief and rescue operations, the bigger the changes of recovery for victims of natural calamities. Why go to the Philippines, ask the Department of Tourism? Well, it's quite evident that Filipinos are the only creatures in this world who has a heart for their fellow human beings. These acts of Kabayanihan are proof positive that our Nation will stand the test of time and disasters together as one. Mabuhay!

GMA Life TV. This channel is I think, the best TV network in this generation. Good that GMA management decided to air the finest works of Filipino journalists before the eyes of the world. GMA reportorial teams and its Public Affairs teams are some of the best in the world I think. 

Jessica Soho. Yep, she is both a firestarter and a game-changer. She is really very good in hosting a show. Her "State of the Nation" show is a superb game changer. 

The Bureau of Immigration. " We are just doing our jobs, sir!" This terse statement is the best public service statement that I ever heard. BI right now is the one agency of government that exemplifies great government service.