Friday, January 6, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines

After months of brainstorming, the Department of Tourism just launched their new campaign slogan for 2012: " It's more fun in the Philippines"

Tourism secretary Jimenez describes the slogan as something truly unique.

"What differentiates the Philippines from every [other place] in the world, as we said from the start, is the Filipino. [It's] his special gift for transforming what is already a beautiful place into an unforgettable special place," Jimenez said. "You take two identical islands, put Filipinos in one, it’s going to be more fun there."

The campaign logo was launched the same time. 

a new logo, which is a "banig weave that forms the map of the Philippines. It's very colorful, very graphic, sa biglang tingin [at first glance], it's a pixelized version of the map. It has that very modern feel also,"

The campaign, simple, yet, I think, encapsulizes what this administration is all about---a people-oriented one. 

I was glad that they didn't say "its FUNNIER in the Philippines coz that would mean a totally different thing :-)

This campaign is unique because of one thing: it sells a people's attributes rather than a place. I have written several pieces regarding this theme and it is best that they exactly did the same thing.

I know because I am a constant traveller. I have itchy feet, literally and figuratively :-). You go to a place for the experience and for some, bragging rights. Example would be Phuket. Why go there when our beaches are more pristine and more beautiful than theirs? Answer: bragging rights. Why go to the Palawan underground river when there are other underground rivers around Asia and even in Europe? Answer: bragging rights. 

What separates the Philippine tourist experience with others? The Filipino's warm hospitality. When you land at the airport, you see hundreds of smiling faces (some even with their hands asking for something. Joke!).

When you wait for your taxi to give you a ride towards your hotel, some cab driver will ask yo u in English where you wanna go. I did'nt experience that in Indonesia, never in Malaysia and there's some in Thailand. ONly in the Philippines.

Some Asian countries have their own virgin forests, underground caves, beaches, majestic mountains, rivers of truly magnificent stature, similar things which we, in the Philippines, have.

What's our competitive advantage? 

We, the Filipinos, are the advantages. of making one's travellers' life sweet, easy and more enjoyable. 

Who, in the world, among Asians, parties every single payday? Pinoys. Who parties in the some remote mountain in Sagada? Pinoys, while others sleep most of the time. 

Conversely of course, some of us, pessimists and all would probably say, " It is more fun in the Philippines. You not only see one journalist killed. You have them all massacred all at the same time. (Maguindanao massacre)"

Expect these kinds of funny reactions from people, but, you can't please everyone. 

For me, yep, selling an experience is more effective than just remarking a "wow"and then saying, " I've seen this before."

Enuf said.