Monday, January 30, 2012

People Power against Chief Justice Renato Corona

Talks are rife that DSWD secretary Dingky Soliman reportedly met with several key leaders of the Black and White Movement (BWM), together with different cause-oriented groups to stage, what is the biggest gathering of people against Chief Justice Renato Corona. 

Soliman and the rest of the groups want to pressure Corona to resign ahead of the outcome of the on-going impeachment trial. Soliman says several sources, is worried over the fate of the impeachment, which, some quarters say, is turning into a non-issue as the trial drags on. 

As I wrote in this corner several days before, this impeachment trial will go the way of Corona if it drags on until March, 2012. The faster this goes, the more chances Malacanang will get what it wants--an outright ouster.

Seriously now, the "heat" generated by the impeachment trial is actually slowing down. Ask people, and you'll find that they are more concerned with the lessening power of the peso than Corona's fate. They're more concerned about their fate, instead of someone who is perceived to be "corrupt" without any evidence to support such claims.

Unless the prosecution panel comes up with an explosive witness, this trial will drag on and this will lose a substantial amount of public interest. If the defense succeeds in isolating Malacanan and reveals that the people is disinterested in pursuing such a trial and only those in the elites close to the Powers-that-be want this Chief Justice out, then, it will win this battle.