Monday, January 30, 2012

The Parody of People Power

Wagging tongues say, Malacanang is orchestrating a sort of "people power" to oust Chief Justice Renato Corona. Spearheading this "initiative" is DSWD secretary Dingky Soliman. The objective? Impress upon the world that the people is the supreme sovereign power, and the people want nothing more than see Corona out before it celebrates EDSA people power uno.

Wow, talk about franchises, Malacanang really thinks that it has the sole franchise of this creation. 

If People Power uno broke out because sickly dictator Marcos prevented people from opening certificates of canvass, and its parody, the so-called "EDSA dos", went into fashion because Erap purportedly disagreed with the opening of the "envelope", what kaya will be the "reason" for another people power revolt, this time? 

If this forthcoming people power is about rising fuel prices, rising prices of foodstuffs, joblessness, apathy of leaders to manage domestic and international affairs, the rising Corporatism of this administration, the rising criminality, the institutionalization of KKK, the institutionalization of graft and corruption, the ever increasing exodus of Filipinos out of this country, then, count me in.

That, my friend, is a true People Power revolt.

But, if this administration thinks that it can muster enough numbers to create a pseudo-revolt out of very thin political air, then, get ready to disburse millions of pesos for your hakot crowds.

The people are hungry for reforms. The people are extremely and truly hungry for this administration to at least ease their every day burdens on where to get money for their last meal, or where to get milk for their suffering and wailing babies.

Soliman's people power is nothing more than vile air coming from someone's arse. Isang utot na panguuto sa masa.

We all know what Malacanang is fighting for--they are not fighting for the people's interests, oh no.

Malacanang is fighting for supremacy. Malacanang is fighting for the interests of Big Business, who, in the last few decades, have entangled corporate money with politics. This "people power" will be the last manifestation of intra-elite fighting for the title of "supreme elite group" in these isles of plenty.