Monday, January 30, 2012

Pirated Political Adviser out due to buying pirated DVDs?

Presidential adviser on Political Concerns Ronald Llamas is trying to wiesel himself out of this new rut. He's being accused of buying pirated DVD. 

I met him last Thursday at Casa Roces and when I shook his hand, he immediately said " Bili ka ng DVD?". I laughed. 

Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte hinted that Malacanang will issue a decision on the fate of Llamas today. What? Because of that simple incident of buying a pirated DVD?

Let's be extremely frank. Llamas will get the rod because he spent close to 2,000 pesos buying those DVDs and for whom, I may reveal here? Just for himself. I dein expose it here.

Puno, when he bungled that Manila Hostage taking incident, was spared. Torres who bungled and continues to bungle her job as LTO chief was also spared the rod.

Graft and corruption continues unabated at the Bureau of Customs, and both Commissioners, Ruffy Biazon and General Danny Lim, are not being punished despite their very low revenue collections.

Several NBI agents have been caught with their pants down, trying to help drug syndicates and they are not being filed any criminal case?

Now, a Presidential adviser is being asked to leave because of a moment's lapse in personal judgment when he bought those pirated DVDs?

When Jesus confronted the Pharisee who tried to stone a prostitute to death, the Messiah asked them a very simple question: stone her, those who committed no sin.

Let me ask you---how many of us do not have an illegal or pirated material in our homes? Buying pirated material is still not a criminal act in this jurisdiction. We buy those pirated stuff because the price of the originals pale in comparison with the street peddled price of 30 or 50 pesos. 

The law punishing piracy is infirm. The role of other government agencies is simply ask those who sell original DVDs to lower their prices, and not be too greedy for profit. 

Example--I am simply not buying pirated DVDs anymore. Why? Because Astrovision sells some of their originals at prices lower than 100 pesos. A Blueray copy of a pirated movie sells at 100. Surely, why will I buy that pirated copy when there's another one, clearer and the original still, for only 100 pesos?

Don't fault Llamas for that masa impulse. Are we trying to punish someone who belonged once with the masa, and is expected to behave like a masa because, for all his life, he's been with them? 

Seriously, I don't condone what he did. But, let's forgive him for this personal lapse in judgment.