Thursday, January 26, 2012

Senator Lito Lapid's wife arrested for dollar smuggling

Senator Lito Lapid's wife, Marissa, was reportedly arrested in the United States for dollar smuggling. She had with her a bag containing US$ 50,000.00. That's 2.5 million pesos. 

Lapid confirmed the arrest and says that his wife is okey and out on bail. The alleged smuggling happened last November 2011. 

This is another embarrassing situation for us, Pinoys. Imagine, Leon Guerrero, who is supposed to be poor and the representative of his economic class, having at least US$50,000 just for shopping money. 

Of course, we are not in the position to question Senator Lapid. He's not the poor stuntman anymore. He was once Pampanga governor. And that US$50,000 is just, what, loose change?

Anyway, I don't know with you, but this calls for an inquiry. The issue involves a Senator. Maybe it's also time to open up the SALNs and ITRs of Senators? 

Will this issue spark calls for another cleansing process, this time, the Legislature? Maybe. Let's see.