Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aquino's end in sight?

Are we seeing the last days of this administration? Why? This administration started on the right path, then veered towards the Left and the Right and lost its compass. It is now treading on something surreal, much to the chagrin of those who supported it until now. 

Credit that to a leadership that knows simply one thing--grant the wishes of its big-time election spenders from Big Business and forget that, the reason they are now in power is the very fact that the People supported them. 

When the people went in droves to the election centers in 2010, it was only for one simple wish--rid the country of an administration that not just changed the moral direction of this country, but did so while emptying the public coffers of billions and putting it into the hands of the dirty and the corrupt.

Aquino presented himself as the country's local Obama--someone who has the heart for the people and the will to do whatever is necessary to effect true change.

"Tuwid na daan" is not just a slogan for many, it is a theoretical or ideological framework, a springboard for something great, something better. For many who took the road least chosen, that slogan was more than it is. It simplified the confusing equation. 

For change to occur, the institutions of governance, mainly the people behind these levers of power should tread the straight path. What is that path leading to? It is rightly, the path that leads to change, some surmised. Others say, that slogan was incomplete. It could be the straight path towards destruction, or salvation.

In the course of doing its "governance business", the Aquino administration slowly veered towards corporate interests. It forgot the people. The huge throng of people who supported the administration were left to fend for themselves, while, food manufacturers increase their prices, and big oil companies unrelentlessly jack up their oil pump prices. The lack of a clear policy direction created a very chaotic bureaucracy. 

When Aquino showed partiality to his friends, and frowned the law just to save the arses of his beleaguered friends, this president showed the People what he really meant when he said that "tuwid na daan" speech---it is a path towards partiality to friends, nepotism if you will, never mindful of the interests of the Common Tao.

Yes, in several instances, Aquino's speech centered on the Tao, but never how to improve his current state of affairs. The Tao was left in mid-stream. The Tao was left in the sidelines of History. The Tao was left to wait for that late ride home. Aquino rode in his Porsche given to him by Big Business, and went decisively forward with his corporate friends and chuwariwah squad, leaving the Tao, empty, penniless, and without hope.

Now on his second year, the Tao is asking the Aquino administration--what now? 

The Tao is asking the Aquino administration---what will you do with rampant corruption now being committed by your friends and your Ateneo batch 1981 classmates? 

Aquino targetted many of the corrupt men in the elite ranks, just to consolidate power solely in him. This is okey, provided that the goal is for the people. 

Yet, if the goal is supplant the existing Power with someone who favors the corporate interests of those in Malacanang, that, is immoral and should be rejected outright by the very people who elected Aquino.