Friday, February 17, 2012

Our concept of Right is being changed by technicalities

Our society right now is like a fragmentation grenade, ready to be thrown and explode. However, this continuing fragmentation of our society is benevolent, simply on the basis that the core of fragmentation rests on the moral principle of what is right and what is wrong.

The sad thing however is the concept of right is slowly being reconfigured by the technicalities of the law. What is wrong is that right is always being defined based not on the collective will, but on the whims and caprices of a select few whose authority rests on their inherited wealth and prestige rather than the purest principles and definition of Right.

For example, a particular official merely reported a 3 million assets value in his SALN when his true worth is ten times bigger. The right thing to do is accuse this person of lying and immediately kick his arse out of government. The wrong thing is tolerate this person's act and allow him to occupy his post of power.

What is Right is now being slowly reconfigured to be able to accept certain explanations as regards to wealth. The reason why only a fraction was reported was based on the individual's interpretation of Rights, which, in all purposes, is supreme over collective will. Wrong. In a democracy, collective will is always supreme over the individual. It is only in matters of criminal prosecution and labor rights do individual rights reign supreme over collective will. The very act of not disclosing is already a violation of the oath taken by the person when he accepted the challenge of serving government. What is being changed is the perception that this non-disclosure is an accepted practice and does not affect the integrity or honesty of the person who filed the SALN.