Saturday, February 11, 2012

Corona Impeachment: The Guingona Proposition

Senator Teofisto Guingona III made a startling proposition--offer the Chief Justice to resign and offer Justice Antonio Carpio to serve the remainder of his term. Guingona probably  meant well when he offered this. However, as a friend, I must say that it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Everyone knows that TG is close to the powers-that-be, especially the President. TG is a close friend of the President, actually, a batch 1981 of the Ateneo where the President belongs. By trying to broker this deal, TG is trying to represent not the people, but the Interests working inside Bahay Pangarap.

TG's proposal, under normal circumstances, would have worked. The reason why I say that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth is because it exposes the real reason behind efforts to oust the Chief Justice.

It just proves that President Aquino and those powers that influence him are pushing for Justice Carpio as a replacement of Corona.

For all Filipinos present and who are reading this piece---Carpio is no different than Corona. Fact is, Carpio is worse than Corona.

Carpio intends to become Chief Justice because he wants his law firm to dominate the judiciary. He wants the "Firm" to be the compania inter pares of this country. 

Carpio is close to the Cojuangcos. If the plan succeeds, Carpio is expected not just to be the rubber stamp of the palace--he is expected to be the senior puppy of Noynoy. By revealing Malacanang's dark plan, Guingona unwittingly alienated the palace from the People.

Hence, Malacanang is really not after cleansing the judiciary of scalawags in robes. Malacanang is never interested in really stamping out graft and corruption in the massive bureaucracy, oh no.

Malacanang is pushing for its political agenda, plain and simple. This agenda is connected with Big Business. For decades, Big Business has put its money on politics just to get those juicy jewels built by the former Marcos administration to ensure that basic services are within the people's reach.

Look what happened shortly after the Marcos administration---every single industry of this country was sold to the highest bidder, regardless of who they are, or what are their real intentions of buying government utilities.

And because BIg Business money is now entangled or tied with the political future of this government, it is in the best interest of those who "invested" their money in government to secure an administration that is most favorable to them and would not harm their interests or stake. 

IMagine if say, PLDT man Manny Pangilinan encounters an adversarial government. What would happen to the billions of dollars he invested in several firms?

What if, say, this government changes, and becomes anti-business, what will happen to those properties of the government illegally acquired by friends of the former dispensations?

IN these cases, the final arbiter, according to the Constitution, is the Supreme Court. It is the last sanctuary of the people's true sovereign power. If this institution is corrupted, and individuals put in there not because of their erudition but because of their closeness and dogged adherence to the whims and caprices of Taipans and Mestizo hacienderos and conos, what happens is the continued en-slavery of the people to Big Business. 

Carpio would not be the last man standing to defend the people's interests from the continuing encroachment of Big Business, oh no. Fact is, Carpio will spearhead the complete offering of government to the altar of Big Business.