Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Iglesia Ni Kristo Mass Evangelization come February 28

There is nothing to worry about, says President Benigno S. Aquino III on the purported mass gathering of Iglesia Ni Cristo believers come February 28. February 28 is scheduled to be a mass evangelization activity by the biggest and most influential religious group in Philippine society. More than 3 million INC members are expected to grace this event.

Truly now, the desire of the INC leadership to propagate the teachings of Jesus Christ ranks far higher than any political goal. The INC believes that we are living in the last days--a period of tribulation and hope. Tribulation because true believers of Christ will experience persecution because of their faith; and hope, because Christ reigns supreme and promised to save the elect from more harm.

The activity is being laced with poison because of politics. Many believe that the relationship between the INC and the Aquino administration has been severed due to several instances, one of which is the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. Corona is not a member of the INC. However, his defense counsel, former Justice Serapin "Ka Apin" Cuevas is. 

So what if Cuevas is a member of the church? It does not necessary mean that the entire Church will side with whoever Cuevas decides to accept as a client? Only the Church leadership determines who to support politically based on collective will. According to the church teachings, the paramount will expressed in the community comes from God. The Body of Christ speaks louder than anything. 

The reason why several suspicions are being thrown at the INC is the fact that, in every successful political activity that led to a succession, the INC body was there.

When news about the INC severing its ties with the Marcoses and sided with the opposition, it was the tipping point of the entire struggle. 

When Erap was "ousted", there were news that the INC leadership asked its members to go to EDSA.

When the Mayo Uno proletarian revolt broke out, there were news that the INC asked some of its members to go to EDSA shrine and support the pro-Erap mass action.

Now, this.

As an observer, I do not believe that the INC leadership will risk further tension with the Aquino administration. I believe that evangelization is more important than politics. The INC was established to correct the monumental wrongs in religion, and it is the wrong religion that it is now fighting against, not wrongful policies. 

Fact is, the Messenger of God, Ka Felix Manalo once asked his fellow believers to shun politics and armed themselves with the armor of God, meaning the words of the Living Father because salvation is more important than living in the flesh.

Those who are outside the Church must refrain from lacing the pure intention of the church of spreading the Word of God with politics. 

The INC is not a political group. The INC is a religion. The INC concerns itself with salvation and with providing the true path towards the City of God to those who want to be saved.

As what Jesus said when he was still alive, " Let things of Caesar, be of Caesar's and Let things of God, be of God's."