Monday, February 20, 2012

Bucor chief and Customs Porsche riding clerk slapped with charges

This is an historic day. In just one day, two nincoompoops got what they wished for---jail time for their crimes. 

Former general Gaudencio Pangilinan, who now heads the Bureau of Corrections was slapped with criminal and administrative charges following the expose from a BuCor employee. The Department of Justice (DOJ) allowed the case to be filed against Pangilinan after reviewing the pieces of evidence of the BUcor employee.

Meanwhile, alleged abuser and power tripper Paulino Elevado was also charged with numerous crimes and administrative charges by the Department of Finance. Elevado, if you remember, was the jerk who mauled two teenagers who raced him in the SLEX several weeks ago. What enraged the public was Elevado's demeanor when he was arrested by pursuing cops. Elevado was riding his Porsche when arrested. How can a clerk of the Port of Manila who was just receiving 10,000 pesos per month salary afford a multi-million Porsche?

It could have been sweet justice indeed if the Customs Commissioner RUffy Biazon Jr., himself, filed the charges and kicked Elevado's arse out of the bureau. Biazon should have redeemed himself. Yet, no. BIazon is so caught up with so many things, including that of denying the rights of journalists to cover the Bureau of Customs, probably fearful that journalists would discover the anomalies happening right inside his turf?