Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shame Ruffy Biazon: Porsche-riding Customs Clerk faces lifestyle check

So there.

A mere clerk of the Bureau of Customs was arrested recently when he shot and nearly killed a motorist two nights back. The Customs employee was riding his Porsche when he was reportedly sideswiped by the motorist. The Customs man gave chase. Eventually, this man was arrested.

The name of this man, the Porsche-riding Customs clerk? Paulino Elevado.

Customs chief Ruffy Biazon tried to remedy this PR fiasco by placing Elevado under investigation and training his guns against the clerk and subjecting him to a lifestyle check.

Mr. Biazon, you're toooo late. Imagine, you have been in your post as Customs chief for many months and vowed to rid the agency of misfits, and here is one man, Elevado, flaunting his wealth.

Pnoy was subjected to insults and brickbats when he bought a Porsche. Now, a mere clerk of a government bureau owning one, and the only thing that you, Mr. Biazon did was place him under investigation.

Mr. Biazon, are you blind? You should have fired the guy, pronto!! By not firing him, you, Mr. Biazon is party to the on-going corruption at the Bureau!

Why, are you afraid of a mere clerk, Mr. Biazon? And imagine, you wanted pa to be a Senator when you can't even look us in the eye and tell us straight that you do not tolerate corruption in your bureau.

Shame on you, Ruffy, shame. And I thought you're one of the persons we, the people, expect to cleanse the bureau of misfits and corrupt men. 

Mr. Biazon, under your management, the Bureau of Customs had the lowest revenue collection in history. Worst, smuggling and tara collection have gotten really very serious in the bureau. 

I'm sorry, but I have to strike your name out of those whom I consider to be real Patriots in our generation.