Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day wishes

It's Valentine's Day and for many, this is a time when every single one scampers to the nearest restaurant to treat someone special. What are my wishes today?

Well, I wish that President Noynoy Aquino sees the light of day and stops himself short of turning into a Big Business puppet. I mean, come on, don't lie to us, that government is helpless in stemming this rise in fuel prices. Don't tell us that you're useless in stopping the rise of food prices. What is government for? 

I wish that those who counsel Noynoy realize that they are not in power forever. That several years from now, they, along with their chuwawas, will also hit paydirt. That said, they should always think of doing the right things for the people. The people are their masters. Having said that, they should always do the right thing eventhough it'll hurt their businesses or the interests of their friends.

I wish that every single government official realizes their frailty, and they being human. Realising our limitations forces us to re-consider certain decisions or actions that harm others. Example would be, plucking that flower in a public park. It may have been a very simple thing to do, but in all practical purposes, it's illicit. Imagine hundreds of pesos lost when you pluck that out of its stem. That lost money should have been allocated elsewhere. 

I wish that Chief Justice Corona realizes that the game is over. He lost. When news about his peso and dollar accounts hit the newsstands, people were convinced that he's guilty.It would now be extremely difficult to arrest that popularity slide in the ratings game.

And that PR caper that they did, calling for a presscon and accusing senator-judges of being influenced by Malacanang is an act of desperation. They may have influenced the votation this time, but, they will not get the penultimate and preferred result the next time. As they said, you may have won the battle, but not the war.