Thursday, February 16, 2012

Corona's dollar deposits are inherited and are investments

The opening of the SALN affects not just Atty. Renato Corona but the entire elite groups working inside government. This move harms the entire bureaucracy because people now working in this government would find it extremely difficult to hide their true wealth.

Anyway, I heard from reliable sources that some, not all, of Corona's accounts were inherited. That even if the prosecution prys it open, and scrutinize the details of the deposits, they will conclude that these were not ill-gotten but were products of industry. Corona is not as poor as other government officials who worked their way up by being operators. 

As I see it, the prosecution has not really established culpability yet, and is on the verge of giving up. However, this administration is hell-bent in sacrificing its own political capital just to achieve what it wants---replace Corona with Carpio.

Carpio is not a saint as well, so if we want a better judiciary, we might as well, appoint someone there who is not politically tainted.