Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A 50 centavos revolt

Most people think that if you write something about a person in your blog, you have already been "converted" and you already took sides in the political conflict where this personality is involved in. Those who think like these are those whom I describe as suffering from political jaundice. 

And most of us already know what causes this disease--it indicates liver damage according to my doctor. When a person suffers from liver problems, he suffers from detoxification problems. Meaning, his liver has a very limited capability of cleansing his whole or entire system altogether. Harmful or toxic substances stay inside his body, polluting his entire system.

This is also the problem with those suffering from political jaundice--they have been bombarded with highly erroneous propaganda that shields their eyes from the truth. Through systemic indoctrination, they have been made to believe that some people do the right things and pursue the right direction always because their "roots" or "ancestry" so to speak bestowed them with an unquestionable persona. 

Example would be this---government is unable to help the people stem the rising prices of fuels and basic food stuffs because of there is an existing law, the Oil deregulation law, that distances government intervention from the industry. 

External factors such as the impending war on Iran and some other factors are being used to justify extreme oil price hikes. Numerous studies already show that oil companies are making a huge killing right now, jacking their prices up to astronomical levels, and raking in profits higher than other Asian countries get. 

I don't know about you, but laws are supposed to be used by people to pursue their interests. Laws are supposed to protect the victim from unjust rule or excesses in governance. That when a particular law has already been deemed inimitical to the public's interests, they are either modified or repealed. 

In the case of oil, the Aquino administration is pussy footing in this one, trying to tell the people that it is helpless while, doing nothing to provide them with solutions or alternatives. This government always side with Big Business interests. It is not affected by the very prospect of a riot exploding in the streets very soon. And truly, it does not believe that Filipinos will actually go to the streets the way INdonesias did a couple of days ago in protests of oil price hikes.

Arabs have already shown how extreme conditions necessarily lead to rioting and eventual revolutionary combustion. When scores or masses of people are severely threatened, and their existence directly hit, they do the unthinkable---and these actions always involve violence.

Unjust living conditions and poor living standards have always precipitated violent mass actions. When people are pushed to the wall, they push back. These "pushing back" thing manifest itself as crimes, but actually, they are forms of sociological feedback which people do to unload themselves from the burden of daily existence.