Sunday, March 18, 2012

Askals should be punished

Imagine an explosion of emotions shortly after DZBB anchor Arnold Clavio expressed what many felt about these ASKALS. And in a deft move, that terse remark was transformed into a racist one, something which Clavio probably did not intend, in the first place. 

If really these Askals are nationalists, then, why did they sexually harassed Cristy Ramos? Harassment means one thing--lack of respect. These (R)Askals think lowly of the Pinay, that's why they did those things to Ramos.  If you really love the Philippines and you consider yourself a Pinoy, you will never ever think of harassing a fellow Filipino especially a woman, right?

That's the context of Clavio's remarks---some of these Askals are faking it. If they are Filipinos, they will respect Filipinas. 

I know why many want to shield these (r)askals from prosecution---many Big Business interests will be affected if this sexual harassment scandal continues. 

Again, let me point out---I am not hitting the Askals for anything, I just want them to apologize publicly for what they did and act like true-blue Filipino gentlemen. If that's too hard for them, then, it's time to leave this country. We don't need them, seriously. So what if we don't qualify for the World Cup? If we have rude footballers out there, it is simply useless really for us to campaign for football supremacy because we simply don't deserve it, what with a team of rambunctious sexual addicts out there playing.

Some would say, don't hit the Askals, they will lose morale. I say, they did it to themselves. Aside from Ramos, there were previous reports of rapes by these Askals. Will we close our ears and eyes in exchange for a World Cup, which is still uncertain if we will ever really get it in the first place?