Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Atty Eulalio Diaz III is part of Noynoy's legal team

Atty, Eulalio "Galand" Diaz III, head of the Land Registration Authority (LRA) is not just your typical government official. Diaz is very close to President Benigno S. Aquino III. Aside from being a classmate, Diaz shares one passion with Noynoy---the passion for cars.

Diaz Jr. is a batchmate of Noynoy at the Ateneo and is part of Aquino's legal team during the 2010 Presidential elections. It was said that Noynoy placed his very close associates in least known yet highly sensitive posts to control the bureaucracy. Diaz is said to be part of Noynoy's kitchen cabinet. 

Why am I writing about Diaz now?

Yesterday, four Senators asked Diaz why he wrote a letter telling the prosecution panel that 45 properties were listed and owned by Chief Justice Renato Corona, when in truth, and in fact, only seven properties remain under the name of the Chief Justice. 

A visibly disappointed Senator Joker Arroyo confronted Diaz. 
“How come you did that?”

“I am bothered by this aspect of the proceedings—the cavalier attitude of the administration and the prosecution,” Arroyo said.

Now, you know who actually created that lie propounded against the Chief Justice. Had the plan of Malacanang last February to cut this impeachment trial short, we may have never known the real score behind allegations of ill-gotten wealth by the Chief Justice.