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Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles

A good friend, Atty. Argee Guevarra just told me a sad truth about a friend, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles. Actually, some of these things were kinda spreading na in the Internet for the longest time, but since, Trixie is a nice friend, I ignored it.

When Argee however, told me of these things now, since Argee and I belong to the same group, it's probably time to alert other people about what Trixie and her gang are doing.

Trixie, when will you stop? 

This is the email sent to me by Atty. Arge Guevarra. Those named here have the right to reply. And I will also publish theirs if they send me a reply.

I knew of Trixie Cruz-Angeles in law school where she is around 3 to 4 batches below me. We chanced upon each other in the Marine Brig in the aftermath of the failed 2006 anti-GMA exercise which culminated in the Marine Standoff. She frequented the Brig to visit her “client”, Capt. Nick Faeldon whom she claimed, years later, to be her “boyfriend”.

Sometime in December 2007, in the immediate aftermath of the Manila Pen Rebellion, she visited the Camp Crame Detention Center, ostensibly, to visit BGen. Danny Lim. In my desperation to salvage my law practice since most of my clients fired me, I offered her to be my partner so that she may be able to service my few remaining clients who have active cases in Court while I am in prison, which I then presumed to last until GMA is in power.

Thinking that I might be in detention for the long haul and surprised by her immediate acceptance of my offer which I felt was a sign of courage and daring, I gave her complete control and access to said clients and to my law office.

After my release from detention, she expressed her readiness and supposed commitment to the anti-GMA struggle and considering that she lawyers for Capt. Faeldon whom I considered a friend in the post-Oakwood period, I invited her to join the Sanlakas bloc of Laban ng Masa to strengthen our alliance work with the military rebels as she focused her “work” with the supposed clandestine activities of Capt. Faeldon and Maj. Jason Aquino.

We decided to put our legal practice on hold for year 2008/2009 and concentrate more on our political tasks – her task, primarily to coordinate the alleged planned activities of Maj. Aquino who was not part of the Magdalo group. I noticed, however, that she concentrated more on looking for some “substantial funding” to allegedly support our political tasks, to presumably aid Capt. Faeldon in his life as a fugtive and to allegedly help certain military operations of Maj. Jason Aquino, among which was a surgical strike against GMA which “needed Php5 million” to undertake. I provided her access to personalities who may be interested but said personalities dismissed this supposed plan as classic swindling activities.

Sometime in May 2009, we accepted Gotesco mall owners’ request for us to render politico-legal services to prevent Caloocan City Mayor Recom Echiverri from gaining control and possession of the disputed mall. On the eve of the well-publicized takeover, she informed me that she will meet with some representatives of Recom. This supposed meeting was arranged by Amiel Cabanlig (a gay, bayaran blogger who always attacks PNoy in and whose claim to social importance is bragging about his being a ka-chongkee and ka-cocaine of Mike Defensor).

I asked her why she needs to meet representatives of Recom and she informed me that Recom’s group wants to “pay us off” so that we abandon our clients. I allowed her to meet with the representatives but only to listen and spy as to their intentions and tactics. I gave her strict orders not to accept or make any deal that would compromise our existing attorney-client relationship with Gotesco Mall owners. A week later, we were able to accomplish our tasks for which we received partial payment for our attorney’s fees.

Weeks after the Gotesco mall incident and considering my unwillingness to follow-up on the full payment of our attorney’s fees from the notoriously stingy and shrewd Gotesco mall owners, I just assigned the task to Trixie. At around that time, she introduced to me her supposed estranged “husband” Atty. “Estanislao” Bong Angeles, a Utopia fraternity brod of Recom who approached me and who came up with a story about some Commission on Audit finding that he said could coerce or compel the Gotesco mall owners into paying us our remaining balance. Since I don’t understand much about audit procedures, I just referred Trixie to my contacts in Gotesco mall and even accompanied her once to a meeting where nothing was actually accomplished because Trixie was herself vague of her husband’s idea or did not understand the importance of this supposed COA finding.

Sometime in July-August 2009, Trixie’s legal services was sought by her kumare, Josefina Norcio after the latter nearly died of infection arising from a prior butt-augmentation surgical procedure by Vicki Belo involving the banned substance hydrogel. Since we were partners then, I agreed to be dragged into a legal campaign against Belo in order for Ms. Norcio to be adequately indemnified. I launched a Facebook campaign against Belo’s medical malpractice which resulted in her filing of libel charges against me. Trixie recommended a certain Reyn Barnido (a PR practitioner, the one whom PNoy officially answered a year later after the former’s “Dear P-Noy: an open letter to the president”).

Because the libel suit backfired on Belo and due to the negative press she has been receiving which coincided with the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili fiasco, Belo was supposed to “settle” with Josefina Norcio, thru Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Reyn Barnido. Only Trixie and Reyn assumed the role of negotiators with their supposed contacts from the Belo camp. I, however, met with Belo negotiators (Alan German and Ted Almeda (?)previously and once only -- and the full extent of the negotiations I relayed to Norcio and her then live-in partner Jun Calle.

At any rate, Belo was supposed to arrive at an amicable settlement with Norcio on the condition that I be fired by Norcio as her lawyer, according to Reyn and Trixie. A fact I felt was a betrayal but nevertheless went along with it for as long as the client gets what she wants and I receive my promised share of attorney’s fees (10 percent) because my “firing” will essentially be “just on paper”. The payment date, however, coincided with Typhoon Ondoy and no settlement materialized. When Ondoy took place (Sept. 27, 2009 (?), I was, however, in China with one of my ex-girlfriends.

A month or so after Ondoy, I regularly went to meet with Trixie in her residence (she has rarely been going to our law office) to follow-up on the developments regarding the settlement with Belo but she told me not to contact Josefina Norcio allegedly because she and her husband don’t want to see me anymore. It was around this time, according to Trixie that Norcio, her live-in partner Jun Calle and Reyn Barnido set up a PR firm called Outshout Comm.

In one of my visits to her residence, she and her husband confided in me that Atty. Estanislao “Bong” Angeles was manhandled and beaten up by Mayor Echeverri at the Utopia tambayan during the bar exams in DLSU. I said that this matter should be disclosed to the media but both Trixie and Bong prevailed on me not to do so because the supposed incident was an “internal fraternity matter.”

I became suspicious about their unwillingness to publicly reveal this politically-damaging piece of information and asked from my grassroots contacts who are close to Mayor Echeverri who later on revealed to me that Atty. Bong Angeles, a fraternity brod of Recom, was beaten up by the mayor because he was allegedly extorting money from the mayor and using my name – obviously without my knowledge and consent – by threatening the Mayor Echeverri with -- “si Argee ang nanghihingi sa iyo brod, hindi ako …. at kung hindi, iiskandaluhin ka nuon” or words to that effect.

In the political-legal front, sometime between July-December, 2009, I noticed that Atty. Trixie – while being preoccupied with the anti-Belo campaign – was also very much into sowing intrigues between the Magdalos and the “group” of Maj. Jason Aquino. This despite the fact that she had been insinuating herself to BGen Lim to be his and the Magdalo group’s spokesperson (This was long before the rift between BGen Lim and the Magdalos widened a few months before the 2010 elections).

Atty. Trixie’s persistent and vicious tirades against Sen. Trillanes and other detained Magdalos compromised my long-standing friendship and camaraderie with the senator who I consider to be a comrade-in-arms and a worthy “fellow traveler”. It was also during this period that I regularly handed Trixie small sums of money amounting to 5k at any given time which she claims she will use to send to her “bf” Nick Faeldon who she claims is starving and having a hard time evading enemy capture. I know for a fact that she receives contributions of similar amount from various sources, sponsors and contributors.

It was also during this period when Trixie decided to have a liposuction treatment (why liposuction – I don’t know – when what she should have had fixed was her teeth and her face). She said that some facial care clinic (YSA, I think) will provide said liposuction because she is being asked to be YSA’s endorser in billboards. On the scheduled date of her treatment, Reyn Barnido called me on one Sunday (?)to request me to bring my checkbook so I may issue a check for professional fees for the doctor who will perform the liposuction.

Since at that time I only had a checkbook with no more than a few thousands in the account, I declined Reyn’s request for help but he prevailed over me after saying that Trixie was already on the operating table, on anesthesia, and that said check payment was needed only as guarantee – anyway, he claimed, the check was just for guarantee because the liposuction sponsor would immediately pay for said operation on first banking hours of the following day.

Sometime between January-February 2010, Trixie and Reyn requested, nay begged me, to make the appropriate recommendation and representations to Ms. Vivian Tan’s camp to act as the PR handlers for the latter’s congressional campaign under Outshout Comm (a company fully funded by Josefina Norcio). I did so on the condition that she contributes to the expenses of the law firm which she had been neglecting and was constantly being delinquent in her contributions to the firm’s overhead expenses. I requested that she help out with the firm’s expenses until May after which I predicted that our law practice to improve with the expiration of term, removal or overthrow of GMA.

From January to May, Trixie went to the law office once or twice a month and preferred staying or working with the PR company. She also prepared herself for her supposed gracing the men’s mag, FHM where she claimed that she was selected to be a model of. As things turned out, Trixie was able to con Josefina Norcio into forking more than Php 100,000.00 which Trixie paid to FHM for the publication to feature her. The “feature spread consisting of 4 pages dedicated to her” turned out to be a mere advertorial.

Sometime in March, Trixie’s driver, Nelson de Gallado approached me and warned me that I am being cheated by Trixie of my share in the Belo settlement in conspiracy with Reyn Barnido. Disbelieving him, I demanded proof. He told me that while Trixie informed me and the client (Josefina Norcio) that Belo would be indemnifying the latter in the amount of Php 25 million, the actual figure that Trixie was actually negotiating with Belo was in the amount of Php 50 million.

Trixie’s driver provided me with 2 copies of the settlement – one document reflecting the amount of Php 25 million and the other, reflecting the amount of Php 50 million. It appears that Trixie had Josefina Norcio sign a Php 25 million settlement agreement and had Norcio’s signature forged by a certain Pascual to reflect Php 50 million in another document. In short, the Php 50 million peso settlement document will be the one she will show to the Belo camp in order to receive the Php 50 million and will just turnover Php 25 million to Josefina Norcio, pocketing Php 25 million for herself and Reyn Barnido.

After discovering this betrayal, I confronted her in a meeting in a restaurant in Araneta Coliseum where she reacted by shivering and constant smoking and unable to satisfactorily answer my questions and instead demanded who was the person responsible for revealing this information to me. I told her not to worry though as I am not mad at her and instead shifted the blame to her cohort Reyn Barnido so as not to severely embarrass her. I also planned to play her against her cohort Reyn Barnido in order to split their ranks. I planned to use Reyn Barnido as an informant against the activities of Trixie by giving him money and promising him PR rackets from my circle of clients/contacts who have PR needs.

I, however, decided to kick her out of my law office as soon as I bounce back from my plodding law practice – predictably so – after the May 2010 elections. From March onwards until May, June, July, Trixie would hardly set foot in our law office.

Sometime in July, after taking the cause of Manny Villar whistle-blower Resty Mendoza (former lawyer of Manny Villar who exposed Villar’s corruption a week or so before the elections coinciding with the Vista Land expose of Former President Erap Estrada), I offered Resty and my Sanlakas comrade Luke Espiritu to join me in building a law practice. They are both Utopians and know of Trixie’s husband who is their fraternity brod.

At around the same time or probably just a few weeks prior, my ex-Shanghainese girlfriend sought my help on behalf of her employer, Internationally-acclaimed Shanghainese ink painter Zhou Jun who, upon her prodding and advice, decided to hold an art exhibit here in Manila but had problems with her retained events coordinator/planner/PR. Seeing this as an opportunity to play Reyn against Trixie, I recommended Reyn to be the events coordinator but expressly instructed him not to include Trixie in this project. However, as things turned out, he confessed that he divulged this information to Trixie and in fact, halved the work – and the Php 200,000 PR fees – with her.

When Zhou Jun arrived in the Philippines a week or so after the Manila bus-taking incident, he was following up on the progress of the art exhibit. Zhou Jun realized and complained to me that the person I recommended to him and to my ex-gf was just asking money from him without actually doing anything for the art exhibit. In short, the events planning and related PR work were not delivered by Reyn and Trixie. Worse, Reyn and Trixie concocted a story they both told to Zhou Jun that Vivian Tan will be buying most of his paintings.

Severely embarrassed by my act of recommending Reyn who halved the work with Trixie, I took it upon myself to contact my rich, art-loving friends to buy Zhou Jun’s expensive paintings. And since until August-September 2010 Trixie was still officially my “partner”, I assured Zhou Jun that Trixie would at least return ½ of the Php 200,000 fee he had already paid to her and to Reyn. Trixie even went to the office once and loudly assured – on her lawyer’s oath -- that she will return the Php 100,000 to Zhou Jun, a fact which was witnessed by my 2 staffers and by Attys. Mendoza and Espiritu. Trixie never returned the Php 100,000 to Zhou Jun despite numerous cellphone conversations with him guaranteeing payment.

Incensed by Trixie’s scam, for the first time in months, I went to see Josefina Norcio’s live-in partner Jun Calle (who died a few months later of a heart attack) to report to him of Trixie’s scams and later on visited Josefina Norcio who revealed that Trixie and Reyn did not even remit a single cent to the PR company and further revealed that the two have made hundreds of thousands worth of unliquidated cash advances. After a heart-to-heart talk with Josefina Norcio and Jun Calle, we realized that Trixie and Reyn were badmouthing me to her and I also told them that Trixie told me that the couple both hated me, a fact which they denied. In the vernacular, “inintriga at pinagsabong kami nina Norcio” so that we will distrust each other and so that Trixie and Reyn can pull off their Belo settlement scam on us.

Soon thereafter, some media people who got wind of Trixie’s scamming of Zhou Jun approached me and revealed to me that even during the period of elections, Trixie and Reyn had the habit of leaving only Php 500 from Php 5,000 envelopes intended for “media budgets”. In otherwords, bumubukol at pumipitik si Trixie sa mga media budgets.

On Sept. 28, which was my birthday, I kicked out Trixie from the law office.

After kicking her out, I had her cases inventoried and found out the following from my 2 staffers (who, incidentally were brought in to the law firm by Trixie since they both worked for her during her stint at the National Commission for Culture and Arts) and found out her pattern of demanding attorney’s fees from clients and after payments to her have been made, she fails to render any legal service. Two clients who were cheated by Trixie are Cleo Dongga-as in an Annulment and John Haber in a Carnapping case.

I also asked people connected with the National Commission for Culture and Arts about Trixie and was told that Trixie even stole from the Heritage Foundation in the amount of Php 240,000. My present staffers who worked with Trixie also told me how she has the habit of filching from the honorarium intended for artists and for bloating travel expenses in connection with her work with the NCCA.

Trixie is presently connected with the NCCA as head for the monuments and historical landmarks sub-committee.


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    1. @ anonymous, sinong mas bakla--yang nagtatago sa anonymous o yaong naglantad ng katotohanan sa pamamagitan ng isang pahayag tulad nito?

    2. And yet, PatricioMangubat is a pseudonym as well. =)

      I look forward to seeing Trixie's reply to this.

  2. sinungaling! magpakatotoo ka.... dami mo satsat, harapin mo kaya si trixie.

  3. First of all, for Ms. Norcio to accept the P25M settlement, there has be a signature for both the complainant and the respondent. So how can they pull off the P50M settlement without the signature by both parties? It said, that Ms. Norcio's signature was forged on the P50M settlement document that was presented to Dr. Belo. How about the signature of Belo on the P25M settlement that was presented to Ms. Norcio? There's no information on that. If I were Ms Norcio, I would be questioning a proposed settlement without proper signature of the respondent and I would insist on a face to face signing of the settlement with attorneys for both sides as it would be the proper thing to do just like in most cases.

    Secondly, if Trixie did indeed scam NCCA, how can she continue to be their representative?

    Thirdly, if all these can be proven in the court of law, how come that Argee has not acted on a case against Trixie and instead, took his case in a court of public opinion which is not the proper thing to do as an attorney unless his main purpose is only to malign Trixie?

    Lastly, my suggestion to Atty. Argee Guevarra is for him to file a case against Trixie if he believes that he has one. In the court of law, what matters is what you can prove and not based on hearsay or just plain innuendos.

  4. I read the re-battle on this issue and I would encourage you and your followers to read this piece, all four parts. Here's the link.

  5. It appears that this Josie Norcio, aside from having an unsavory butt is also the favorite butt of law enforcement.

    She used to be the President of JN Calle Construction Inc. and is charged with estafa after having carted away millions of pesos. She has several cases filed with the PNP. Looks like Argee has been taking up the cudgels for Josie Norcio, who had Reyn Barnido under her employ at Outshout Communications. Estafadors all ?

  6. From reading the various blogs and FB pages on the matter and asking some in the know, I was told that Argee actually sent a demand letter to Dr. Bello to the tune of P200 Million and this was plastered all over the news. And at this, Dr. Bello called him an EXTORTIONIST, because the hospital bills of Ms. Norcio were less than P3 Million.

  7. I got to know Reyn Barnido through Trixie. One time Reyn texted me asking to borrow 12.5k to pay for Trixie's mother's plane tickets to Bohol. Since he was borrowing in Trixie's name, I wrote the check and demanded a post dated one from him. When Trixie learned about this, she freaked and said "I already gave him money for that !" So she pestered and badgered Reyn to make sure that his check was funded and I got paid on the appointed date, with interest.

    We later found out that Reyn has been circulating in Trixie's circles, doing the same thing, "borrowing" money in Trixie's name from her friends. Trixie even had to pay up one of them, just by mere association with Reyn, even if, again, the money that it was used for was already handed to Reyn and she had nothing to do with any loan.

    On later inquiry, we found the root cause why Reyn kept on "borrowing money". Josie Norcio, apparently, was not keeping good tabs on the finances of Outshout, spending huge sums on office renovation,not providing any accounting for the firm, and was not paying her employees their salary. She grossly violated the Corporation Code, acting as both President and Treasurer.Reyn, having been the hiring officer for many of the employees, took it upon himself to "borrow" money for their salaries and keep them fed (yes they were stay-in employees). Eventually this scheme was bound to fail and Reyn took to the hills (literally, as he hails from the Mountain Province), and in the process, stole Trixie's Canon DSLR camera (which he used as a guarantee for yet another unpaid account), a laptop, and many of her case files.

    So you see, even as Reyn Barnido was and is a double-dealing sunufabitch, he was forced into the situation by Josie Norcio.

    I can vouch for the integrity of Atty. Trixie. I have sold two properties with her for decent commissions and she has been very straight with me. Not a single cent is in contest.

  8. Reyn Barnido is Trixie's fall guy. Both of them stole also from a professor of hers in yet another PR job held in U.P. Bahay Alumni.

    1. Yung professor ba na yan yung kasama nya sa NCCA at magkatabi pa sila sa piktyur nung birthday nya ?

      Mwahahaha. Napakasinugnaling mo talaga Argee Guevarra !

  9. so para palang riding in tandem sila, parang yung nagpasabog ng granada sa galleria, haha

  10. No. The event at the Bahay ng Alumni was fully funded by the NCCA. Trixie had no reason to steal from anyone. And yes, Reyn "borrowed" money from one of Trixie's friends for that to the tune of 25k. All when that entire thing was fully funded anyway.

    I was supposed to be at that event, but was unavailable on the said date.

  11. But of course after reading the comments here, 25k is spit-change compared to a 200 Million extortion attempt on Vicky Belo by Atty. Argee here :-D

  12. Kilala namin si Trixie at si Argee. kasamahan namin si Argee. Si Trixie, banned sa amin yan. Kilala naming magnanakaw yan at tinanggal ng ilang kasamahan namin yan bilang abugado dahil mahilig mang-intriga at ginagamit pangalan namin para huminge ng pera kung kani-kanino. Nagpapa-itot yan kung kani-kanino sa loob ng kampo

  13. Samahang Magdalo-QCMarch 29, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    Ay totoo! Pasaway kasi si Atty. Guevarra, sinabi na naming traidor yang si Atty. Trixie at pokpok pa, kaso ayaw maniwala pa dati ni Atty. Argee. Buti naman ibulgar na niya yang si Atty. Trixie

  14. nahanap ko po ito, hindi naman siya pangit pero kakailanganin ngang magbayad yan para ma-FHM

    1. I know Trixie and I've heard stories about her. She may be a swindler, but not a slut. Behave like gentlemen!

    2. Siguro kapatid ka ni Atty. Trixie? Mahilig ka rin bang magpa-iyot?

  15. As administrator of this site, I would like to caution commenters especially from using gender-sensitive, dirty or foul language. Let us focus comments on the issue published here.

  16. Just saw Atty. Angeles' FHM pose after googling it. It seems that that KSP lawyer is telling the truth after all.

  17. Usapin yang expose ni Atty. Argee sa aming law office, totoo sinasabi niyan. We know Atty. Trixie from the court martial hearings way back. She sells herself as the lawyer for all the mutinneers and then asks for contributions from anybody.Pati nga mga konsehal sa Maynila, nahingan niyan!

    1. Lam mo kung talagang atty ka you would spell "mutineer" correctly.

  18. Atty. Trixie tried so much to apply for a PR job from Mayor Herbert in the 2010 elections. When we did not get her, she went to sell her services to Mike Defensor. When she did not get hired by Mike, she tried to link up with Cong. Crisologo and offered to give info about her client Vivian Tan. She worked with Rain Barnido. We even suspected Atty. Argee of being behind this dahil laging ginagamit pangalan nitong si Atty. Trixie pero siya pala nabiktima nitong si Atty. Trixie.

  19. What? New soapbox? Just because the last soapbox didn't pan out? Instead of responding to legitimate queries and questions, Atty. Guevarra resorts to calling anyone who sides with the rule of decency as "subalterns". He bashes Atty. Trixie for now responding to his malicious accusations and yet he, himself cannot substantiate his claims nor respond to questions put to him.

    The "handles" of the commenters here are just way too obviously contrived. If this was worth it, it would be easy to trace IP addresses. But what for? If beaten here, this Atty. Guevarra will hie off and find yet another soapbox. Really, this is ALL he is capable of.

    As for the Janelle issue, nobody was maligning her. It was Atty. Guevarra who bragged via email how Ms. Janelle was looking to get the services of Atty. Trixie, but that he intercepted. This email does exist and has been authenticated. This is the kind of deed of this Atty. Guevarra. Harassment. Yeah. Sure. He is an "honorable gentleman".


    -ellaine fuentes-

  20. Marlene Howe I have some questions and some are repeat questions that have yet to be answered by you, Argee. First: Why didn't the doctor who performed the lipo on Trixie sue her for non-payment if indeed he did not get paid for services rendered? Second: Why wasn't a case filed against Trixie for embezzlement if she indeed stole funds? Third: Why don't her clients release their affidavits against Trixie to support your accusations if what you said is true about the existence of these so called clients? Fourth: Why didn't you and still don't take Trixie to court so you can present credible evidence if you indeed have some? But instead, you are taking her to the court of public opinion where there are no rules and evidence are based on hearsay and conjectures. Fifth: Why didn't you or don't you take Trixie to the bar association if she indeed made unethical dealings as an attorney? Sixth: You are an attorney and yet you don't act like one knowing that facebook is not the proper venue for your complaints. Trixie did not scam people on facebook nor did she advertise herself here to acquire clients, so why lambast her here? Do you think you can get justice by maligning her here? Trixie does not have to answer to your accusations outside of the court of law. So I can understand her feelings of not responding to your negative campaign.

    1. He wants to lure Atty. Trixie to a battleground where he thinks he has the advantage, simply because there are no rules. It ticks him off that he really can't "hit" because his target isn't there.

  21. BTW, I have Mike Defensor's number as well as Atty. Alvin Cuna's. If only this Bisteklog will reveal who is it, then this charge should be easy enough to verify. Or why not go direct to Mayor Bautista. For those who know me and my facebook, why don't send a snoop into my albums and see who is there? While we are at it, how about Mr. Ex-Parte, Magdalo Negros and all the rest? As you can see, two supposed "subalterns" have posted REAL IDENTITIES here, not corny, cheesy handles.

    For those who REALLY do PR and BOps, they would know what this is about.

    1. Yung anu na lang, 200 Milion na extortion attempt ni Parang-Atty Guevarra. Parang Willy Revillame lang ah. Pera-pera...pera pera lang yan, pera-pera ! Pera-pera lang yan wooo !

    2. Me number ako ni Atty Adel Tamano na syang magpapatunay na bina-blackmail ni Guevarra si Belo sa halagang 200 Million.

    3. magnanakaw talaga yang si atty. trixie

  22. Matagal ng magnanakaw yang si Atty. Trixie. Victim No. 3 na yang si Atty. Guevarra. Ninakawan din ni Atty. Trixie mga dati niyang partner sa law office

  23. my Gawd! Bakit di na lang kasi ilabas ni Argee Guevarra yung forged documents na nakuha nya sa gamit ni Trixie nung pinalayas siya sa law office? Takot si Trixie dun. Para matapos na ang telenobela na ito.

  24. Wow, this is really an interesting read:) We in UST Law want some more dirt on this Atty. Trixie. Can you Mr. Mangubat write something more on her? This really takes out the stress in law school. Isn't she the IBP Spokesperson? Lex Luther

  25. found this one out, Atty. Guevarra is such a predator -- nagpapanggap na late 20s sa UST Law. Iisa nga lang yung crush naming si Jenny, aaswanging pa!


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