Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ayos Dito: The Cause of Wilfredo Benitez should be the Cause of Everyone

Let me share with you a letter written by my good friend, Wilfredo Benitez. This is about increasing the number of hydroelectric plants in the world...Nice one. Please share also with your friends.

Hi my friend Ricky.. it's my pleasure to share this with you;
For certain you are aware of the global warming and believe that now it causes dangerous climate change. You also know that people have to act on this environmental crisis because climate change will not reverse by itself. Let me share with you the idea i know in solving this environmental crisis. 

At present, hydroelectric plants contributes only less than 7 percent to the total global electric power production. The biggest part of world's electric power production is undertaken by electric power plant that uses fossil fuel and is the only power activity responsible for the largest fossil fuel consumption throughout the world. The core of the environmental solution is upscaling the capability of hydroelectricity to fully support the global electric power needs. When global electric power production is fully undertaken by hydroelectric plants, carbon dioxide emission will drop by the same amount as being emitted by the fossil-fuel fed electric power plant all over the world.

"The ultimate step to solve the environmental crisis is the introduction of an innovative hydroelectric plant that can produce electricity without the support of a river. The proposal for environmental solution is an urbanized hydroelectric plant that is designed to operate with the support of its own built-in water storage reservoir which acts as water source. With built-in water reservoir, urbanized hydroelectric plant can be conveniently assembled in the city because it can hold its own water supply and makes use of abundant water obtainable everywhere in the city. Water storage reservoir is a man-made structure from where falling water is to be released to produce the power of water. Utilizing built-in water storage reservoir in urbanized hydroelectric plant involves a water retrieval process that work to maintain the steady supply of water for the plant's operation. As a man-made structure, many such water storage reservoir can be developed into a hydroelectric system and, combined with city's accessible abundant water offers a facility to put up many urbanized hydroelectric plant installation in the city. 

Adopting the idea of built-in water source will enable the installation of many hydroelectric plant in many location throughout the world. A minimum hydroelectric plant size of 200 MW power, holding 10,000 cubic meter of stored water in reservoir can be constructed for a quick one-year build-to-concrete structure curing/conditioning time before launch. With many hydroelectric plant in the city, abundant electric power supply could be available for industries, residential and transport needs." 

My friend, under the circumstances wherein the climate change is serious and no immediate solution is in sight every new development pertinent in resolving the global warming crisis deserves serious attention. Rest assured that there were feasible scientific ideas which the world's scientific community failed to explore in connection with hydropower technology. Let me stress that the idea of an urbanized hydroelectric plant stemmed from the discovery of certain scientific ideas which serves as the principle of the water retrieval process. Thus the idea of built-in water storage reservoir is used in combination with certain technical concept based on these scientific ideas to develop the urbanized hydroelectric system . 

To be concerned about the scientific integrity of this proposition is not the order of the day. To think of putting environmental solution underway is the best discretion at this point of crisis. The world might not catch up with the worsening trend of global warming and averts the worst climate change scenario. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), to prevent the worst effects of global warming, international climate action should start in 2013. 

Our world can be restored to the tranquility of the pre- industrial era with the boon of the clean green energy. Please share this.