Friday, March 30, 2012

Why do we write critiques?

One of my colleagues asked me why is it that I still want to write critical pieces against this administration? Why do I write critically when it is best to just let the situation alone and write pieces that are not critical of government.

Several of my colleagues even told me to just rest my pen and leave the governing to the rulers and let the govern speak nothing of it. 

Let me distinguish two things: critique and criticism. Critique is something which I decided to do because that is the proper thing or duty of any freedom-loving citizen to do, at his level. I read my payslips and I am being taxed more than 15,000 pesos every single month. If I am giving money to government, I have the right to tell it matter-o-factly and I have the obligation to also provide several solutions.

Criticism is different. When you give criticism, you are not doing the right thing because criticisms are non-constructive, mostly. You criticize for the sake of criticizing and sincerely, these types of pieces will not help lead to a solution. When you do commentaries, make sure that the one you are writing against, perceive your work positively.

Unfortunately, to many people, there is no distinct difference between critiques and criticisms. They are all in the same genre. Some people even perceive it as a treasonous act because instead of being of help, critics are perceived to be parasites and wieldy moralists of the highest order.

Had I want this site to be something of a money-making venture, I should have transformed my pen into a weighing scale for gold and silver. 

My colleague asked me--why do you write and incur the ire of many with your writings? He then showed me his blog, full of "press releases" and goody stuff. For me, that's not "goody" but slimy.

That's their view--bloggers should write to earn praise and supporters. If your blog receives negative comments, then, abandon it since it places the blogger in a very unflattering light. For my colleague, it is too risky and too laborous to maintain a criticique of a blog. 

I, alone, am not adverse to negative comments. I don't blow my top whenever I see negative comments in by blog's comment side. 

Negative comments are part of a blogger's daily dose of learnings. If you think you have the right to express your views, don't hesitate. Sometimes, show off, so that several smart-alecky people out there who reads your piece will realize their mistakes.

As what Alexander the Great said, there is a reward for the brave. When you blog just for others to feel good, fine. We have our own way of expressing bravery. For a simpleton like me, this is the only and proper way or venue where we can be part of the solution of the things which affect this country.When you comment and provide several solutions, you, my friend, are doing what others don't want to do. 

Again, its very easy to write or heap praise to several people but when you do see things being done improperly and you elect silence, you are doing a great disservice to the nation from which you sprang.