Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coup d'etat against President Aquino

So, there.

A bomb proof and bullet-proof van has been requested for the use of President Benigno S. Aquino III. Congress passed a resolution shortly after Aquino revealed a supposed plot against the administration. Aquino says a group of businessmen and retired military officers close to the previous dispensation has been actively recruiting active military personnel for a putsch against him.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines quickly squelched the rumor. The entire military organisation is solidly behind the president, says the AFP spokesperson. 

If, at all, a plot is indeed in the works, it will never be as bloody as the other coups in the past. It will probably be just another Oakwood, where the soldiers stayed inside hotels, rig the entire place and holed themselves up there to avoid legal complications.

If, at all, a plot indeed exists, it will all be just a video of a retired or an active military officer reading a statement before a video and spread among the enlisted personnel.

Or, if at all, a plot exists, it exists only in the minds of those who seriously think that they did a grievous error against Big Business interests.

Credit that to the open and very liberal policy of this government opening the entire bureaucracy for the interests of Big Business.

Credit that to the existing policy of selling assets of government to Big Business. Everything is up for sale, and if everything is for sale, then, expect groups to jockey themselves up and fight for them.

Credit this also to a very loose and very volatile political environment, and also the lack of a succession plan.

Just how weak democracy is in the country can be seen from the very cavalier way officials treat every single challenge or issue this government faces.

Do we need a stronger democracy for this administration to survive? This is what some people think within the palace.

A stronger democracy is just another way of saying, a stronger hold in government by lessening democratic space. For democracy to protect itself, it should try to subvert its very nature by limiting the space where people move. 

If, at all, a coup do exists, it exists in the very minds of people within government who want to hold more power to control circumstances and make everything favorable.