Sunday, March 4, 2012

Isagani Yambot says finis

Mang Gani will be reading Heaven's Daily Inquirer
there, along with Mang Max, Jules Fortuna and the rest
of the guys. 
I saw Mang Gani wearing what appears to be a hospital robe, at the Rockwell center in Ortigas, beside the Medical City. Gani, as you know is Isagani Yambot, publisher of Philippine Daily Inquirer. I've known the man since way back, when I was still  a reporter. Not too many people know, but, I nearly became an Inquirer desk man way, way back, more than a decade ago. It could have been fate that I was thrust to another path. 

Anyway, Mang Gani appeared okey so I did'nt even wave to him to show him I was there. No. I leave the man his privacy. Gani is one of those men beloved by me. I respect the man so much that even if I had the chance to bump to him in a condo where I shared the privilege of him being a neighbor, I dare not ask him about favors or anything. I just looked at a distance and admired the guy who transformed Philippine journalism.

I was so shocked when I found out that he left us some days ago. This unassuming man of prodigious wit and of always bright composition is no more. What is left are found memories of sharing experiences with him and learning much from this man who has always been a giant among men.

One by one, the giants of the media industry are leaving us. I lost not just a friend, but a mentor and I felt this great loss when I was writing this piece. I felt that when Mang Max Soliven left. 

I hope that he was running his fingers down his hair when he slowly closed his eyes to meet his Lord. 

Sleep mightily, Mang Gani. And when you open your eyes once more, let it be at the Great and MIghty City of God.