Friday, March 23, 2012

Danny Lim, Alex Lacson and Siegfried Mison: Being Part of the Solution

Three of my well-meaning friends always say this--Be part of the solution. I heard it from General Danny Lim, Siegfried Mison who is now deputy commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and my dear kuya Alex Lacson. 

This sounds extremely comforting  to know that there are still so many of these kinds of people who prescribe these kinds of solutions. NPR subscribes to this, and pursues this with vigor.

In my own way, I help other people solve their problems. A year ago, we launched a Skills Up program with my dear friend, Susan Toots Ople. We gave scholarships to numerous OFWs who were victimized by illegal recruiters and those treated harshly by their employers. Twenty of these OFWs are living comfortably right now, and one even was hired by a Japanese restaurant to become their assistant restaurant manager! Wow, from domestic helper to restaurant manager, that is a great leap!

Yes, we all have our duties and responsibilities to God, Country and Family. However, while we  do our share in nation-building, I observed, that problems sprout like Hydra and it multiplies itself while people do these little steps towards nation-building.

The system itself is the problem. Since we are doing things in the periphery and not addressing the basic and fundamental problems of society, we leave it to other groups the responsibility of correcting or at the least managing a dysfunctional system. 


To be part of the solution, we need to unite and address the very core problem of our time and that is, systemic re-engineering.

Ignoring this fact would just put all our individual efforts to naught.