Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jessica Sanchez American Idol Sweetheart

Jessica Sanchez is now one of ten contestants vying for the bragging rights in American Idol. Her last performance was "so-so"but you know what's so good about this girl? She's so humble and she wants to improve herself that when the judges, led by Jennifer Lopez told her some of things which they don't like about the song, Jessica was intently listening and she was not trying to fight the judges off---she was collaborating with them. That shows you character.

And when you have character, you have strength of will. When you exercise that will, anything is possible, including, winning the title. 

She's also humble. Humility comes from an understanding heart. These traits are supposed to have been developed later on, but for Jessica, her development as an artist and as a person is really fast. I hope that Team Jessica has a group of well-meaning friends who will take a look at things from the distance and tell Jessica what they observed, without having to fear anything. Jessica, right now, needs all the constructive criticisms she needs so that she'll fully develop herself as an artist. Most of the times, because of so many "ohs, ahs, and wows", we tend to forget those boos in the backside. 

Those boos are more important than those ahs, because when we improve, we'll always hear them sans the boos. The boos motivate us to become better each time.