Saturday, March 17, 2012

Noynoying or Noynoyism--the state of doing absolutely nothing

In case of a supervening event, who will ascend the highest rungs of power if both the President and the Vice President are incapacitated of holding office? According to the Constitution, it is the Senate President who succeeds, and if he is also incapacitated, the Speaker of the House.

No where is there a provision which says that the Supreme Court's Chief Justice would actually be a viable constitutional replacement. 

However, during the time of former Chief Justice Reynato Puno, suggestions flew high and thick, about a plan to install the Chief Justice at the top. At the height of calls for Gloria's resignation, people entertained the idea of the Chief Justice as head of government, a government not necessarily like this existing one, but a different political animal altogether. 

I am referring to suggestions before of establishing a Council of State which is imagined to be the ruling power in a revolutionary government. Meaning, proponents of this plan imagined striking Gloria with another coup cloaked as a revolution, and entirely erasing the government and supplanting it with a revolutionary government. Under a revolutionary government, anything is possible. It's like rebooting the entire system and setting it to zero. 

Those whose ideas of change rests in surgical operations think this is the best option there is for change to really occur in our lifetimes. Imagine the opportunity of really changing things for the better by erasing some of the anti-people provisions of this Constitution and having the power to unilaterally cleanse the bureaucracy of misfits. You not only manage to oust the Most Corrupt Power--you also secure the very future of this country by changing the Basic Charter.

Of course, this did not happen since elections occurred and the people reportedly elected in an overwhelming fashion, President Noynoy Aquino. Nearing three years in office, and you have a country embroiled in very serious troubles: skyrocketing oil prices, consumers losing the value of their peso and food stuffs distancing themselves from the reach of consumers faster than an increase in monthly wages. 

Above all these, we have right now a government willing to sell all its assets to the right price just to generate revenues for its existence. This government is on a selling mode. Instead of using its monies to build industries that will last a lifetime and secure the futures of many, this government is scampering and looking for buyers for services which this government is supposed to give to its constituents. 

This is what people meant when they say "noynoying" or "Noynoyism"---the state of doing absolutely nothing.

" Leave everything to the fates", or " Let's see where this will lead to"--are oft-repeated lines of this administration. There is no assurance that this is the final version of this Executive Order or this is the final construction of the Executive in deference to an existing legislation. 

There is a perception really that things have really worsened that this administration does not know what to do anymore. We are in deep shit, but, we are not being told the real situation because this administration fears the worst---an outburst of emotions in the streets. 

Do we need another rebooting, the kind that would really test our wills and would eventually lead us to the right path?