Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mitzie, Trish, Javi and the Gang

She was the first who greeted me hello. And she was the last to say goodbye.

It was many years ago that I met Mitzie, a bright and young girl who already conquered that tiny space in Roosevelt with her charm and wit early on.

There was also Trish, whose eyes lit up the moment she hears her name or that big, plump mass of a boy named Javi whose spectacles are bigger than his face...

Mitzie worked hard and her perseverance shone ever so brightly during those times. Trish too. And so does Javi, whose curiosity make him close to me. We only parted when he went the cono way and I, the opposite strata, at the University.

Asking who Patricio Mangubat is, and these three would give you a plateful about Pat.

He's hard-working. He's an ego booster. He's charming. He's a dick.

For those whom he likes to work with, they work well together. For those he don't, it's hell being with him.

There are many memories, memories that are, well, meant to be cherished rather than shared.  Mitzie and I am dreamers. We dream only of being first in everything we do. 

I always say that everyone of us dreams of a better place. There are no bad dreams, only bad people.

I also remember Liza Debil and of course Naomi or "normi" for some, whose sweetness rivals a Muscovado. Thanks for that slap Normi, I went back to reality.

Twenty five years, whoa. I imagine it to be a roller coaster ride. 

Yet, in all things I did in my life, there are some regrettable moments and most, enjoyable. Like what my grandma used to say, you never learned until you experienced it. 

I experienced being a human, that's what mattered most to me. 

And in this journey, I am most fortunate to say that Mitzi, Trish and Javi made one fine company.