Sunday, March 25, 2012

No blind praise for Noynoy Aquino: What is Right, is Right.

This is for those yellowish people out there who are too blind to see the truth. 

This is a fact---even before you guys admired and voted for Pnoy, I was already there with them since 2008! Yes, I am a certified early supporter of Mar and Pnoy. We were in Balai ni Mar since November 2008. 

Balai was at that time, without people. Only Butch Abad, Chito Gascon, Mar, Noynoy and at least five others who constantly meet there at that time. Balai was my tambayan. 

When Mar's candidacy was announced, I was there at Balai, celebrating with friends. Blogger Kevin of Cebu knows that. When he courteously gave way, I was there, with Toots Ople and the rest of the gang in Club Filipino. And when Noy ran for the Presidency, I was there planning, working hard and touring the rest of the country just for him.

Two arduous years of struggle. Those who now benefitted from our sacrifice are now enjoying the perks of power. 

And you know why I even nearly sacrificed the lives of my kids and my family for Noynoy? It is because of my ardent love to my country. 

If people do not want a revolution, then, choose parliamentary struggle. Elect those whom you think would best serve this country. 

I had full trust that Noynoy will do his darnest best, and I did not fool myself into thinking that the full six year term of his would be the panacea that would cure the diseases of this country, oh no. 

When someone asked me what will happen to this country the minute Noynoy stepped inside the palace, I told him matter-o-factly, that no change will happen. The destruction wrought by the previous administration was so great, it will take years before anything normalizes. 

I am no blind follower of a hesitant leader. I am no cheering squad for a leader who refuses to listen to the cries of his fellow men.

And I oppose and fight the wrongs being wrought by these men to this country, the only one I have.

Let this be clear---it is wrong for this President to keep his friends in power when these people already destroyed or is destroying the very agenda of change by the President.

It is wrong for this President to ignore the legitimate demands of the people for true change. It is utterly wrong for this President to ignore the pleas of the people for assistance against rising fuel prices and food stuffs.

It is wrong for this President to concentrate on big-business deals that will ensure his and his associates future after his term. It is wrong to do shakedowns of various industries just so that his people would be able to negotiate terms with industry titans and accommodate his friends and his friends' requests for a slice of the revenue pie.

It is wrong for this President to prosecute a just man just because of his wrongful association with the previous regime. It is wrong to invent a pile of baseless accusations just so that his friends from the Firm would be able to replace the Chief Justice with their own.

And it is terribly wrong for this President to sacrifice everything just to kow-tow to the caprices and whims of a few rent-seekers to the detriment of the people.

I raise my fists in utter defiance. Let it be said that at least one man raised his fists at a time of great darkness.