Friday, March 16, 2012

Noynoying--the new form of governance

What better way to describe what this government is doing than parody the very popular photo of Noynoy in a pensive mood? That photo, which was used during the 2010 elections, became somewhat a symbol, an attraction if you wish, to convince the middle classes that Pnoy is the "one", a some sort of Pinoy Obama, who has the skills and the wherewithal to push this country into progress.

Now, two years and a half into office, and nothing seems to move at all, except perhaps the cash registers of Big Business who is now cashing in on the somewhat catatonic state of this government. Big Business suffered under Gloria, since only those fair-haired boys who are used to the wheeling and dealing of an elite mafia, benefited from the largesse.

Malacanang tried to mitigate the effects of this latest tirade against the President by releasing photos showing, again, a President, reportedly busy reading and signing stuff. This is no lazy president, says Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda. This is a working president. 

Yeah, true, this President is probably working but for whom? For whose interest is this President interested on fulfilling? Is it the interest of Big Oil players who continue to rake in billions of dollars worth of profits by exploiting the Oil deregulation law?

Is this President interested on knowing what government projects are to be given to his Big Business associates and what projects are still to be planned and again, be given to close business associates.

Seems like Noynoy and his cohorts are busy preparing government for sale to whoever is interested.

That's why Noynoy is interested on shaking up the business climate, like a petty baron does in his small fief.

What Pnoy is forgetting or is consciously unmindful of, is the suffering of his people. The people is supposed to be his boss, and what I know  bosses is that they are supposed to be pampered.

Pnoy is really busy, busy on knowing what other interesting things government has to be sold to Big Business. While he's busy, Pnoy has forgotten his initial vow when he accepted the people's verdict.