Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pnoy's death threats: Paranoia of a Leader who knows his sins before the people

Not even a Grace Lee can save Noynoy from himself
When President Aquino made that speech, shortly after raising his hands and swearing allegiance to God and country, I was one among millions who felt relieved. Relieved, because, finally, we have someone who understands the true plight of the People and is not scarred to fight the demons in barong in our midsts. I was exactly overjoyed by the thought that several of my friends will be helping create a society, with a President who not only has the will but the heart to do exactly what is necessary to achieve the primordial goal---improve the lives of the Filipino.

More than two years, and this President has nothing to show for except statements defending his erring friends and accusing enemies of trying to oust him. What work is he doing when all he has to show for it is this photo with Grace Lee? 

His recent statement during the anniversary of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) shows an extremely paranoid leader, afraid of being ousted by his enemies and probably, ashamed even of seeing his own image before the mirror or even his shadow. 

Noynoy Aquino is feeling the heat, not because his enemies are strong or stronger than him. No. He is feeling the heat, because he now knows that the People have slowly distanced themselves from him and some missteps more, will see himself isolated and ganged up by his advisers cum rent-seekers.

Noynoy knows his sins against the people, the very same species he looks to as his "boss". That "boss" speech is hollow. It does not have any meaning at all. He just used it sparingly like what he did with other words put in there by his speech writers.

How can Aquino claim to be the servant of the people when he refuses to intervene in the pressing issues of the day? Oil prices continue to rise. Food stuffs are also rising in parallel to fuel. Services are also under unrealistic prices.

Pnoy does not know that LPG prices are nearing the 1,000 peso mark and anytime soon, he will hear the grumblings of the tired middle class. 

Pnoy may have his heart in the right place, but his heart is constantly in conflict with his mind. Deep down, Pnoy is not the Filipino Obama or any hero we thought of him before. Pnoy is simply a businessman.

If you look at his life prior to being president, he spent ten years as a corporate man and nearly ten years as a politician. He is a staunch believer in free economics. He does not believe in state subsidies, or even if he does, he sees this as some sort of a preliminary relief turned strategic.

Pnoy knows that his political enemies do not have the will to fight him directly. Pnoy's detractors are those who want him to succeed but in his fragile mind, he sees them as enemies. 

Of course, who among the people will side with Arroyo? No one. Even if Arroyo has the military and financial might to launch something debilitating against Aquino, the people will not allow them to ascend power once more. No more Arroyos. And surely, no more Aquinos.

This impending political challenge against Aquino will come from the very ranks of the people whom he abandoned while treading the so-called straight path.