Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayer for friends Today

O Holy God, the God of all the gods, the Lord of all the Lords, the ruler of the Universe, I worship You and Your Most Holy of Names.

You, O God, brings life to the Inanimate and death to those who have life, please forgive me, my family and my friends from their sins.

Fortify our spirits, imbued us with Wisdom so that we can discern Your Will every single step we make in our daily lives.

Wisdom from You, O God, strengthens us and makes us wait for the second coming of Your Messenger, Christ Jesus.

Make us strong, O God, and by Your Will, do things according to what You intend on us. 

Cleanse our hearts so that we clearly hear and see Your Will, O God.

Quiet our minds O God, and always make it attuned to Yours, O God.

Make these hands an instrument of Your Love. 

Make this tongue an instrument of Your Message, O God.

Make these feet ever so strong to tread the pious way of which You so declared since the beginning of Time.

Let my entire Being, be an instrument of Your Love and everlasting blessing, O God.

Use me to help the widows, the poor, and the orphans in their times of affliction. This is YOur True Religion and the mark of those whom you want to be with You in that City of the Lord, that is forthcoming.

I pray for the leaders of my country, O God. Let Your Wisdom guide them every single step of the way. Let their hearts be cleansed. Let their hands be an instrument of Your Love.

Lest they forget, You, O God, appointed them to where they are right now. It is not the might of the people, but the Will of God that makes them leaders.

Those among them who want to lead because of this purest desire to serve, let them be the instrument of Your Message, O God. May their actions be viewed by the needy, the poor, the widows and orphans as Your Action on this earth, O Heavenly God.

May our leaders yearn for riches not of this world, but the wealth that awaits those who hold faith in You, O God.

This I pray to You, O Mighty God.