Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol update: Jessica Sanchez survives elimination: Colton gets the axe

Colton Dixon, the boy with the weird hair-do, got the least number of votes from Americans who watched his last performance in American Idol season eleven. The bottom three went back to its "original members", namely Hollie, Testone and Dixon.

Dixon admitted that he was not in his element last night. His performance was obnoxious. Meanwhile, Hollie's performance is okey vocally but lacks the emotional power that a Sanchez performance gives, while you know how Testone always, always mucks the songs up.

My next bet is Testone. She'll be eliminated because her rendition of those songs are somewhat forced from her. She appears to have difficulty singing those songs.

As for Jessica, well, she better stepped up because the judges already told her that a beautiful voice is not enough to win American Idol. She has to capture the public's heart. She has to create that special moment, every single performance. Jessica, to my mind, is being pressured to do this and that.

And yes, this show is not purely a singing contest. They're looking for the complete package. Jessica must step on her game. She must not appear overly "minority"; otherwise, she might alienate votes.