Friday, April 20, 2012

China sends gunboat to harass the Philippines

Gunboat diplomacy is a very old tactic. It was used in the 19th century and now, at 21st, countries such as China still believes in its efficacy to force an issue.

China flexes its muscles and for what cause? Not to advance the Socialist revolution to other realms in the Asia-Pacific but to harass a small country like us, and try to take over a shoal which is evidently not theirs.

Is China's leaders not thinking at all? Harassing such a small country like us is a shame. Why? Everyone knows that we are as helpless as a mite over a cockroach like China. China is starting to irritate us, and even the United States, but we must fully understand why the Chinese are behaving this way---their economic model which is the fusion of capitalist ideals and values and Socialist politics--is creating some societal problems.

Because Chinese socialism has diluted itself and now, a mockery to true Socialism, what is now a fairly prosperous China under the aegis of the old Chinese Communist Party is now, slowly getting poorer and poorer by the minute.

Wealth is now concentrated in the hands of a few while the many are wallowing in extreme poverty, something which the Chinese leadership wants to hide from its people and from the international community.

Sending a gunboat here hits two problems at the same time: redirects the attention of its people from their suffering to a belief of Chinese supremacy and sends a stirring message to the Filipino government that the shoal and the rest of Kalayaan is theirs for the taking.

What China does not know will kill it. What China does not know will eventually put it to shame.

History is replete with stories of how 300 men decimated an army of 10,000 and how seven dedicated men were able to storm a palace and kill a king.

Yes, China is far superior to us not just militarily but economically. We do have our aces, and China will probably not admit it and continue on its foolishness.

But the let the world know this--we might be small, but such ogres like China stands helpless against a tiny yet determined country such as ours.