Saturday, April 14, 2012

American Idol's Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Hudson: Uniqueness

There are some talks that Jessica Sanchez was "saved" because American Idol producers do not want a repeat of the Jennifer Hudson episode which happened several seasons ago. Hudson was eliminated on the seventh round, the same round Jessica got hers. Hudson got a career, and awards to boot while the career of the one who won that contest, Fantasia, never really took off. In the eyes of American Idol producers, the public got it all wrong. Hudson was a better singer and Fantasia too. But, the voters are entitled to their own opinions.

Publics are really a judgmental lot. Reason why Hudson got booted out that was really, she was not AI material. I mean, her voice was a copycat of the big voices in the female category, while Fantasia is, Fantasia. She created a category of her own, with her unique voice. American Idol is supposed to be a contest to find the best singer in America. The public got it all right when they voted for her instead of Hudson. 

Of course, career wise, Hudson had already trumped Fantasia. When both were competing against each other, Hudson was heavier by a few pounds. Now, Fantasia looks more like Hudson while Hudson definitely looks more like Fantasia right now, slimmed and all. 

AI producers probably blamed themselves for being mocked by the public and for being wrong.  They thought Fantasia would be accepted more by the public than Hudson. Reality is, Fantasia was probably, just a flash in the pan. Her voice is not contemporary. Yes, it was as big as Hudson's but Hudson's tone is more pleasurable to listen than Fantasia's falsettos. 

Now, fast forward to 2012 and American Idol has a gold mine in the case of Jessica Sanchez, who, at sixteen years old, possesses such enormous talent and unique vocal personality.

Sanchez is all soul, all vibe and everything sweet, sexy and sublime. She oozes with appeal. She carries herself very well and sings like an urban angel. 

I always listen to her songs every, single time, because it has that angst that nobody in the music industry right now possesses. She's a unique talent, someone who comes once in a generation. She is like Michael Jackson who sprang from an era of great uncertainty. Her voice is fresh. Her voice is pleasurable and is always in tune compared with other competitors.

Seriously, the reason why this season sometimes is a big boner is the fact that all the other competitors pale really in comparison with Jessica. Jessica stands out, every, single time. She's different, and her uniqueness shines above the rest. The rest are just ordinary singers who try their best to be different but fail every, single time.

She's also a great story teller, one that, when she opens her mouth to sing, she transports you to another world, her world, which, ask any music producer out there, is the secret for a platinum. 

Sanchez is our modern nymph, the kind that mystically weaves delicious imagination to your mind when you hear her sing. She has such a dramatic connection with her listeners that every single moment she sings, is a wow thing. 

That is what sells, and Sanchez got it. I agree with Akon that Jessica Sanchez is icon material. Someone even said that Jessica has that legendary thing in her, although, I seriously don't agree with that thought. Legends die young and I don't want it to happen to her. I want her to grow, and I believe that a few years more and we'll truly see the blossoming of probably, the greatest singer that had ever lived.