Friday, April 13, 2012

SM is not God's gift to Filipinos

What a lousy alibi coming from a very uncaring and fatuous firm. In a statement, SM says that thousands of Filipinos would lose their jobs if SM stops operations in Baguio. 

Let me be frank and tell SM straight to the faces of those whom Henry Sy and his daughter Sy-Coson hired to manage their company's operations--crap. Bullshit. Crap.

SM grew as one of the biggest companies here in the Philippines because they promoted casual and contractual employment. SM saved a lot of money by saving up from not giving those benefits to the workers. SM, like any other company, is supposed to follow Philippine labor standards. The Philippine labor code prohibits casual or contractual employment or labor-contracting only practices. 

During the early 1990's, SM was plagued with numerous union strikes and demonstrations. SM is one of this country's biggest labor rights' violators, according to several people. 

Now, SM now has another unflattering epithaph---tree killers.