Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Atheist for 8 years, a New Man forever

It was not Marxism that led me to Atheism. It was the belief that every single thing is matter, tangible, in existence. All forms that are not in existence, are nothing. This is what everyone calls materialism. Dialectical materialism led me to Atheism.

And science, itself brought me back to the belief in God.

For eight long years during my stay at the University and even when I was teaching, I was an Atheist. There is but one simple proposition to everything---those that exist, exist. Those which do not, do not.

Everything is at an endless cycle of change. Change is a constant. Even a rock resting in the ground is changing.

As an Atheist, I was able to see things in a different light. I was able to explain political phenomena without emotions. 

As a journalist, I sweat it out for a decade, probably that was God's way of leading me to the Illumine part.

Then it came to me when I was assigned in Jolo. That was the first time that I rediscovered God.

Actually, it was science that led me back. When scientists discovered how the universe was formed, it led me to re-read the ancient books, like the HOly Bible and the Noble Qu'ran. It was there that I discovered the similarities between the new discoveries about the universe and the things which the ancients wrote during their times.

I asked myself---how did the ancients discovered these things when they don't have the luxury of technology?

Then science even discovered elements faster than light...a recognition that several forms do exist without being seen. How can materialism explain that? 

These forms are so fast, they cannot be detected that easily, but they exist. If they exist, then the possibility of other forms is a possibility.

Now, then, I would not be specific here except to say that I profess that there is a God, and this God exists, living in His own "heaven" and of the purest of the pure of Spirits.

God is an energy. God is a limitless energy that exists far,far beyond the material plane. Yet, one can reach Him through the power of Prayer, and meditation.

For you to reach God, you need to cleanse yourself of all impurities and be a New Being. Only those pure in heart and Spirit will enter God's assigned place for us. God is pure and those who want to see God must also be pure.

How one attains purity? By totally submission to God's will. Subverting one's will with that of God's allows man to abandon his fleshy existence and don the new clothes given by God to man since the beginning.

Now, the question is, is religion important? What do you think?