Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunker Bob's--experience bunker eating

Not doing anything this summer? Why not enjoy your entire afternoon or evening, eating in a real bunker? Yep, a bunker turned Italian restaurant being run by a legitimate G.I. Joe?

Yep, this is Bunker Bob's.

Bunker Bob's is at Subic. It's just a two and half or three hour drive from Manila. The restaurant is new. It's being run and managed by a former G.I., and he knows his Italian food, that is.

Enjoy eating inside a real bunker!
I took some liberty shooting some photos inside Bunker Bob's. Everything here is authentic, military fifties and sixties paraphernalia, with a wooden airplane carved by hand sometime in the forties. And the bunker is also real, used by the Americans when they were still in Subic. When we kicked their butts out from the base (or is it Mount Pinatubo who did this for us?), G.I. Bob stayed. He then ran his own restaurant.

The restaurant boasts of heavenly Italian cuisine, of course, with your usual pizza, bunker-style cooked. The pizza is so good, we ordered twice. The chili con carne is also extremely delectable.

Bunker Bob's is a few drive up before you reach Zoobic.