Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to earn money online thru buying and selling part 1

These times call for drastic measures, as some friends say. With rising prices of food stuffs and other basic commodities while salaries remain practically the same, professionals like me are feeling the heat.

We have the same problem, you and I. What is it? It's budgeting the monthly pay we get from our jobs. Quite frankly, many homemakers right now are really feeling the crunch. 

I know of people doing two to three jobs a month, just to get their desired monthly income. Since at my status, I can't do that (I'm barred by my contract), I have to think of other ways to earn income.

Many of my friends say why not entertain ads on my site? Well, NPR is basically not a commercial site and I would not want my readers to think that I'm being paid to write this and that courtesy of this and that advertiser. No. My sites will forever remain ad-less.

Then, some of my friends told me--why not try buying and selling online? 

Buying and selling online? That's new. 

Actually, this online "phenomenon" has been here in the Philippines for the past three or four years, thanks to such sites as Ayosdito.ph (see link: http://www.ayosdito.ph).

Many of my friends already tried posting an ad on Ayosdito.ph and the instantaneous response to their ads is quite impressive.

Why Ayosdito.ph? One of my friends, Ramon, says that that Ayosdito.ph is highly secured, unlike other sites such as this one, sulit.com.ph. Before you can post your ad publicly, Ayosdito.ph staff checks it first out for validation and within twenty four hours (in my case, even less), your ad is posted.

" Besides many people say, naka-Sulit ka nga, pero, Ayos ba?" (Meaning, you got an item cheap, but was it okey or in fine condition?"). 

Many people are wary to try buying and selling online because some sites do not guarantee quality of transactions. Filipinos are seguristas. They want every transaction as smooth and worry free. 

I heard many complaints about this other site, soli (meaning, get it back), so, I deemed it wise not to tempt fate and fall victim to scammers. That site reportedly had many cases of fraudulent transactions, or so they say. I don't want that incident where I managed to get a transaction, only to find that the item is defective and I have to "soli" it to the seller. It's not very "sulit" to make "soli" an item. It wastes my time. 

At Ayosdito.ph, it's different. 

When I tried www.ayosdito.ph, I managed to connect it with my Facebook account. I was able to build my profile immediately. Then, I posted my ad. 

Fortunately, Ayosdito.ph provides you with tips on how to write enticing ads. This is a very good service.

I navigated the site and Ayosdito.ph search engines are far superior than others. When you want to find something, the speed of the search is about 0.009. Wow.

And the search is not frivolous. Every single thing being sold or offered in the site is locational. Meaning, if you need a cellphone for example, and you like in Makati, there is definitely one for you near your house. Ayosdito.ph automatically has this service of limiting your search for easy finds.

And I also notice that there are no dead links nor outdated ads. Ayosdito.ph always update their site. Wow again. That's what my friend, Raul de Vera Jr, says Ayos!

Now, the only question is---which among my numerous valuable items will I trade with another? I need some tips. I'll discuss this in my next blog. Abangan!