Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ayosdito: Cabugao Beach in Ilocos Sur, part 2

The Beach
After spending a night in Dagupan, we then ventured off to Ilocos Sur, which is about a five hour drive up. No worries. I was fully recharged, what with eating great Chinese food at Star Plaza Hotel in Dagupan and ate fine young oysters which I saw being sold along the streets of San Fabian, Pangasinan.

Anyway, we got there almost nine o'clock in the evening. This is my first time here at Cabugao. Before, I stayed at Santiago Cove resort, owned by a friend, Owen Singson. Now, when I heard about the pleasurable experience of some of my friends who went there and booked at Cabugao Beach resort, I told myself that I'll go there, whatever happens.

Cabugao beach resort is about thirty minutes or so away from Vigan, capital of Ilocos Sur. Vigan, as you well know, is a Heritage Village. Cabugao is the second to the last town of Ilocos Sur. Just a few kilometers away and you'll be in Ilocos Norte.

I had the pleasure of driving up to Pagudpod and already went to the different towns and cities of the Ilocos Norte, and I dare say that it's more than enough for me. I don't want to tire myself that much since driving down to Manila is not as a pleasure, as say, a year or so ago. 

Me and my lovely tent
Anyway, you know what I did? Since I'll be here for about three days, I told myself, it's time to set up my tent.

I have a tent that can accommodate close to nine people at one time. Yep, and this tent only cost me about 500 bucks.

So, what's the best time to really enjoy life and re-charge? Right here, right now.

I set up my tent and rested there for hours, enjoying the Ilocos sun, the ocean, the beach and the serenity.

" see my tent there? The lovely Cabugao Ilocos sur sunset"
The good about the Cabugao beach resort is, it can only accommodate twenty or so families. There's just enough room for 20 or so people, which is heaven. I hate crowded beaches. 

Cabugao beach resort serves great pinakbet. Fact is, I ate only pinakbet for four straight days. 

Anyway, I also have an inflatable air bed which I placed inside the tent. I also packed myself several jugs of water, some food and provisions, because I intend to stay there in the beach for the longest time. 

The beach,..again
I tried to forget how hopeless this government is, how inane things are, how unsure the future is, and how unfortunate that our leaders mind themselves first before the people.

Inside my tent, I just thought about God and the mission He gave me. I am truly fortunate that in the last couple of years, I've been blessed with a lovely and understanding wife, great kids and a career that I truly love.

I am also extremely glad that I do my work and help people at the same time. 

Cynthia Villar and Toots Ople have this program for OFWs and I am fortunate that I am helping them. This scholarship program have benefited twenty people already and the next batch of sixty is really something. I hope politicians are as helpful as Cynthia.

So, far my expenses for this tip has cost me:

3,500.00----oil change using Unioil's Idemitshu fully synthesis eco engine oil
400---------toll fees
2,000-------Star Plaza hotel one night stay
5,000-------3 days stay at Cabugao beach resort