Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RMN's Taumbayan Naman: Jake and Arlyn teamup is the best

I've been listening to Radio Mindanao Network's program "Taumbayan Naman" with the team up of Jake Maderazo and Arlyn dela Cruz. (8-10am, RMN 558khz). 

The team is excellent. Jake's down-to-earth approach to programming and Dela Cruz's in-depth analysis of what's happening around contribute to an easy-listening and interesting show. 

Maderazo's style is totally different. His voice is not a shrill one, nor is hard to listen. His approach is personal. 

Dela Cruz meanwhile, adds a touch of sophistication to the program. She's one of the most intelligent hosts around. She gives an added value to the program.

These programs are really something worth supporting by advertisers.