Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SM Group continues to kill trees in Baguio

SM Group is still cutting down trees in Baguio, according to a report. This, despite a Temporary Restraining Order issued by courts. The TRO enjoins the SM group to cease from cutting down trees in the area where they plan to build a bigger mall.

This is too much. However, this is expected.

At a time when big corporate interests reign over the people's interests, SM group's demeanor is expected. This is sad.

Remember that SM group grew to what it is right now due to the sweat and tears of workers and the people. It is the people that made SM grow to the biggest real estate developer in the Philippines. From its humble beginnings as a store in Quiapo, it is now the Philippines' pride, with SM malls sprouting even in other places in Asia, like China.

Henry Sy must always realize where his "roots" were. Sy must stop this illegal acts being undertaken by his subordinates in Baguio.