Saturday, April 14, 2012

When things are not working out

thinkin about the reason why
i made you cry
over the things i said
those were never meant
it's just, you know, one of those times
when my mind tries to hide
these raging things inside
it ain't right
that these things simmer
when it's all summer
of our thing.

yes, it's happenin and I'm admittin
things are not workin
and surely are heatin
these thoughts of separating
from the things I'm saying
my heart is lying when I tell you
that I like what's cookin
when i'm tasting odd.

i used to find the words
those you'll understand
now i'm finding it hard
to tell you, who I am, what I do,
why I'm like this to you
can't seem to level things off
maybe the frequencies
are scatterin
into many pieces
and you get some and I get some
and we're both saying diffrent things.

eventually i believe
we'll reach a point
when things are understood
and no one's hurt
of the way, of the things,
of the very nature of feelings

this got to be somethin worth our while
to spend time like we used to
but things are fluctuating
like electricity floating in water

yes, we're in a flux
everything appears like a joke
those sparks we unleash
are simply out of reach
flyin, scorchin, dyin
the things that used to
mean to both of us.

burnt, we both are
scalded our hearts are
of the things, of the acts
that we do to each other

its suffocatin. im really hyperventilating
it's gettin worst.
maybe, it's time, baby
that I get out of this crazy
world that I am in
so that I'll appreciate it
the next time we meet each other.