Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ayosdito: Driving to Cabugao Beach Resort, part 1

Driving my Mitsubishi
At forty, driving a thousand kilometers is not as easy as say, going up to Baguio for a little bit of comfort. A thousand kilometer drive needs your total concentration, energy and several driving tricks you learned when you were young. 

Let me start my story by saying that this would not be entirely possible without my trusted Mitsubishi Adventure. Yep, I got this last 2008 but this work horse is simply amazing. Its Diesel powered 2.5 engine still amazes me with its performance. Driving long distances is always a joy with the Adventure. This probably explains why, since it was introduced sometime in 2005, the Mitsubishi company still sells it here in the Philippines. The same design which hit the showrooms a half a decade ago, is still the design used in the new Adventure variants that came in. Had I bought a sedan, that model would have been scratched or recalled already. With the Adventure, its a safe, luxurious and enjoyable ride. 

with my trusted co-driver
Anyway, any great engine would never really run in its full and maximum performance without a good engine oil. 

Remember--include engine check and engine oil changes before you go drive that distance. A good engine oil relieves you of the headaches you'll surely get if your engine is not in tip-top condition. 

Unioil's fully synthetic oil does the trick for me. It's highly recommended. Unioil sells the Idemitshu brand here in the Philippines and really now, this is the best discovery I have ever made in my twenty or so years as a driver.

When I put the Idemitsu Unioil eco engine oil, my engine became a tad quieter, and really revs it up. Credit that to the superb cleaning power of the fully synthetic oil. 

Without the Unioil eco fully synthetic oil, I would not be able to enjoy maximum power of my diesel engine and probably, had a longer time going up to Ilocos. Yep, Ilocos.

Check wiki and you'll find that it's a full 400 kilometer drive from Manila to Ilocos Sur. And my destination is not Vigan, nope. It's this great beach called Cabugao at Pug-os in Ilocos Sur.

When I was still young, I used to drive way,way up North in just one swig. Now, no more. I tire easily, thanks to years of cigarette smoking and staying up late at night, reading and writing stuff. Of course, I'm 30 pounds heavier and staying in this weight has its own risks and repercussions.

Anyway, I decided to go first to Dagupan City, which is about 3-4 hour drive to Pangasinan. I  figured, best to spend the night at Star Plaza Hotel right smack in the middle of Dagupan and drive up to Ilocos, recharged the next day.

Star Plaza hotel in Dagupan is one of the nicest and the most affordable place in town. The rooms have been refurbished. Every single suite is equipped with 32 inch LED TV and excellent beddings. They give excellent service and superb Chinese food.