Friday, May 25, 2012

Alert! Chief Justice Corona submits his waiver: Waiver is for the Filipino People

Chief Justice Renato Corona appeared before the Senate impeachment trial and announced that he is waiving his right not to disclose his foreign bank deposit accounts. 

He likewise, extended his hand of reconciliation to his in-laws, the Basas, who went back here in the Philippines to listen to the Chief Justice's "bare-all" revelations before the Courts.

Corona, who suffered a glycemic attack several days ago, appeared today to continue his opening "testimony" before the impeachment court.

He, along with his wife, Cristina, extended their hands of friendship to their relatives, the Basas and the Rocos. The Coronas asked forgiveness from the Basas. 

It seems like all ends well between the Coronas and the Basas.

Now, it seems that this thing is finally over between the two "warring" families.

Corona, in an interview says that the reason why he gave his unconditional waiver is to raise the bar of expectations of the people from their elected and appointed government official.

This waiver is intended to clear  all doubts as to the legality or illegality of Corona's bank accounts.

Corona's act signifies his clear and unequivocal intention of really baring everything before the Filipino people.

His heroic act right now shows a man who is not bothered by his conscience. Maybe he is telling the truth.