Friday, May 25, 2012

The Filipino People dares 188 Congressmen and Several Senators to file their waivers

Now that the Highest Magistrate of this country already did what was expected of him, I, along with the rest of the Filipino People who want nothing more than see a cleaner bureaucracy, demand that these 188 Congressmen and several moralizing Senators to also file their waivers on the confidentiality of their foreign bank accounts.

The Chief Justice's act today is highly significant because it shows his willingness to "bare all" before the Public. No one expected him to do this. 

Is this the act of a guilty person? I guess not.

What spin doctors of this administration tried to weave is a guilty Chief Justice whose strategy is simply to avoid prosecution by not entertaining cross-examination.

Surprises of all surprises! Both the prosecution and the defense said that they will not cross-examine the Chief Justice.

Is this an indication that there is an agreement between both camps to spare the Chief Justice from further ignominy?

The absence of a cross-examination signifies that both camps have already submitted enough evidence for the members of the impeachment court to rule on this issue. Hence, this issue is now closed.

Senate president Juan Ponce-Enrile says that the Court will rule on the issue of impeachment by May 29,2012.