Friday, May 18, 2012

BDO should honor honest employee named Chad

My friend, Gilbert Buenaventura, had a very memorable experience recently. He sent me this email about a BDO bank employee who helped him recover his lost phone. 

Honesty, integrity and human concern story. What a helluva story.

I commend BDO for nurturing such people in their organisation. Here is Gilbert's story:

On my way to LKG Tower, I accidentally lost my personal mobile phone an old nokia but with 3years photos in it and contact persons.

The phone slipped from my (shallow) pocket while in the jeep.

Fortunately, two Honest BDO employees on board the same jeepney pick it up.

Having discovered I lost my phone, I texted my own number hoping that the finder will respond.

True enough, he even called my number and identified himself as CHAD. He gave his location which is BDO paseo de Roxas corner Gil Puyat branch.

So, I walked from Valero to his branch.

And there he was with my phone explaining that his co-BDO employee found it on the same jeep where I was riding going to work.

I thanked him and his co-worker whom I was not able to meet personally.